80 Perfect Arm Tattoo Designs for Men and Women


A tattoo is no longer considered taboo. People from across the globe have embraced tattooing and tattoo culture with open arms and have now utilized tattoos as a way to express their inner thoughts and personalities. Tattoos have also been used to symbolize that the wearer belongs to a certain community. Simply put, a tattoo is described as a non-verbal method of making a strong statement regarding the person’s habits and lifestyle. And in this regard, tattoos are slowly becoming just as common as a person’s own life decision or commitment to something. Back in the day, a tattoo is often associated with outcasts or gang members, but now they are considered to be very fashionable. This is the reason why people now get tattoos to show off their quirks, or their own personality and identity. People mostly acquire tattoos since this is a way for them to show the world that they’re incredible.

Arm tattoos were once only popular among men. But nowadays, so many women have chosen to get these tattoos on their arms as well. The arm is often considered to represent a person’s strength and stability, and so many people have decided to get tattoos on their arms, so it’ll draw attention to their muscles. Tattoos are also the best way for a person to keep themselves looking fit and slim. An arm tattoos is meant to remember a personal experience, or a shared one among you, another person, or a group of friends. Other reasons for an arm tattoo is to serve as a reminder about their own achievements and personal milestones, as well as to honor a person who is close to you. An arm tattoo design is placed on a body part that’s pretty sensitive – But despite all of that, getting a tattoo on one’s arm is actually not as painful, as, say getting one on your ribs or feet. Arms are a great part of one’s body that provides really great room for the artist to come up with amazing tattoo designs. Arm tattoos are especially useful if you want to get a tattoo that’s either subtle or elaborate. Arm tattoos are very easy to cover up with a much bigger piece of ink as well.

Types of Arm Tattoo Designs                                         

There are just way too many options available when it comes to arm tattoo designs. It doesn’t really matter what gender you are, or which tattoo design suits your fancy. Arms are definitely one of the most popular – If not the most popular – Areas for tattooing, and it’s not really surprising to see why this is so. For instance, men who have bulging muscles enjoy arm tattoos and bicep tattoos, since these can attract people’s attention towards the muscles. Meanwhile, ladies who want an arm tattoo usually go for an elegant drawing on them. This will surely give them plenty of attention from friends. One of the important things to know about arm tattoos, especially the ones for men, is that they’re highly visible. You can easily see it when you’re not wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt. So depending on your current career, or where you live at the moment, having a highly-visible arm tattoo can either be good or bad. On certain instances, these are things that you don’t really have to worry about, since you can cover your ink arm with a long-sleeved suit.

  • Minimalistic Arm Tattoo: This is a perfect arm tattoo design for the guy who wants everyone to know he is ripped. Minimalistic arm tattoos usually feature dark, bold lines that serve as a type of frame for the wearer’s muscular body. It’s one of the bolder choices out there for an arm tattoo, while at the same time it’s not overpowering at all or draw too much attention to it. Asymmetrical designs and bold geometric lines also give these tattoos an interesting touch. One more interesting advantage of wearing a minimalistic tattoo is that you can easily cover it up at work in case you happen to have a job who enforces some pretty strict dress code policies.
  • Colorful Arm Tattoo: Colorful arm tattoos for men are meant for those who like to wear stunning and brilliant colors on their arms. You can place pretty much anything in your colorful arm tattoo as long as the artist fills it with lots of color. There are so many elements that you can incorporate right inside the tattoo design, without having it look too gaudy.
  • Tribal Arm Tattoos: The tribal design has always been one of the best choices for an arm tattoo design. Tribal arm tattoos give the wearer a look and feel of pure masculinity. It also serves to highlight their strong physical appearance, much like most arm tattoos tend to do.
  • Mechanical Arm Tattoo: A mechanical-themed tattoo is just one of the coolest designs you could ever get for your arms. No other pattern fits this category better than the ones who place in mechanical elements, or simply just incorporating steampunk and dystopian elements into your ink. That aside, a mechanical arm tattoo is one that puts together aggressiveness, strength, and pure artistry that mechanics can do.
  • Watch Arm Tattoo: The watch only has one purpose – To tell time. Sometimes, people might want to carve a certain time period on their wrist watch where they never want to let go. Maybe it holds a personal meaning to them. You can choose to incorporate different ink colors into your watch or have it in plain black ink. It is a tattoo idea that can be both playful or sentimental, depending on the context of the wearer.

Meaning of Arm Tattoos                                                   

The tattoo has always played a very significant role in regards to rituals and traditions. In remote tropical areas like Borneo, women have often placed tattoos on their forearms, which meant that they were great at a certain skill. For example, if a woman had a tattoo that shows she was a great weaver, then this increases her potential to be an excellent wife or mother.

Arm tattoos were at their peak  during the 90s, but they are now slowly growing  back in popularity again. The reason why so many people get them is because of the fact that they’re so easy to show and spot, while at the same time, you can hide them beneath a shirt sleeve. Much like other tattoos out there, an arm tattoo could carry a special significance towards the wearer. It’s important to know the meaning of an arm tattoo before you can proceed with getting one done.

The true meaning of an arm tattoo will ultimately depend on the type of tattoo design. For instance, a black armband tattoo on your bicep signifies the loss of someone important in your life, like a friend or a relative. Armbands are traditionally worn as a sign of mourning.

Right after you decide that you want to place your tattoo along your arms, keep in mind that a lot of people are bound to see this, and will soon become a small part of who your are as a person. Arms are a great place for you to get a tattoo design, coming from a professional point of view. You can show off your ink at any time and hiding it during professional or formal events won’t be that tough either. You can just choose to wear a full-sleeve shirt to conceal it.

Where Is The Best Placement for Arm Tattoos?

The neck, the legs and the arms are the best places for you to get a tattoo that you’re willing to show off or cover up if only you want to. These are smaller areas which have been contoured, meaning that the shape of your body can ultimately affect the tattoo’s shape in the long run. This could actually be an important factor for a tattoo that requires an area to be wrapped, or it’ll be inconsequential if you happen to have a smaller tattoo. But whatever the case may be, wearing a temporary tattoo in your arm is your best bet before you go right ahead and decide if it’s really your thing or not.

If you plan to get an arm tattoo sometime in the future, there are two spots where you could choose to get it done – The first half is for the top of your forearm, where everyone will be able to see your permanent ink. The second one is at the underside of the forearm, which isn’t really always exposed to direct sunlight and is so much easier to conceal in case you have to do exactly that. So even though tattoos found at the top side of their arms were often associated with thugs and goons, they are now slowly becoming accepted by the general public. But despite all that, arm tattoos are still not that common, especially when you compare it to other spots where people commonly get tattoos done.

Arm tattoos, or the design of your arm tattoo, can tell you so many things about a certain individual. This is the reason why you don’t just put your tattoo on any place that you like. A person’s arms can carry plenty of diverse meanings, compared to other body parts. There’s not one meaning that can correctly describe an arm tattoo. A person who has a tiny tattoo on their bicep means that they’re wild, yet cautious. Meanwhile, wearing a half-sleeve tattoo on the same arm means that this person is artistic, creative, and wants to show off that side of their personality to the world – But at the same time, they still care about their current career and want to look normal to their bosses and peers in the workplace. People who wear full-sleeve tattoos don’t really care what the world thinks about them and prefer to march to the beat of their own drum.

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Arm Tattoo Preparation Tips

No matter if this happens to be your very first tattoo or your newest, there’s actually a good chance that you could end up doing so much more to get yourself ready for it. This is how you should correctly prepare for a tattoo session so you and your artist can both have a very enjoyable experience.

The first tip is to always keep yourself hydrated, especially in the day before the session finally happens. Even though it’s always a good advice to keep yourself hydrated at any costs to stay healthy, this is also important if you plan to get a tattoo soon. That’s because keeping yourself well-hydrated means your skin will look more resilient, allowing you and your body to handle longer tattoo sessions, as well as to let your skin heal much quicker afterwards.

Make sure your skin is moisturized enough. Much like water keeps your skin hydrated from the inside, moisturizer and creams can make your skin glow from the outside. Apply lotion onto the skin at least twice a day, over a week before the session happens. That’s because skin that’s moisturized and well-hydrated is one of the most important steps to take, as it makes the tattooing process so much easier for your tattoo artist, as well as yourself. But do not place lotion on your skin as this could affect the function of the machine.

Getting rid of dirt clogged inside your pores is one more way to make yourself comfortable during the tattoo session. Make sure to exfoliate gently without irritating the skin by using a loofah, or a gentle exfoliant. Skin that’s well-exfoliated will help the moisturizer stay longer.

Get loads of sleep before the tattoo session begins. Go to bed early, and don’t take any drugs or drink alcohol before. You must be properly-rested before you can get yourself a permanent body art.

Are Arm Tattoos Painful?

Before you can decide if you want to get that ink done or not, you first need to consider which parts of your body behave well while and after you get that tattoo. There will be certain spots that will hurt more, or absorb ink differently, or can be challenging to hide from your bosses at work. There are also areas in which the ink wears off faster. Even though the entire process of getting a tattoo isn’t a fun ride, there are some areas where getting a tattoo can hurt the most – And this is one of the things that you need to think about, especially when you have a low threshold for pain but really want to get that sleeve tattoo started.

Each person has a different perception and tolerance for pain, and the variation of exactly how painful a tattoo is rather wide. But one of the things that most tattoo enthusiasts can say about their ink is that the pain is completely worth it in the end.

Arm tattoos are a great place for you to get inked, since there’s so much room for the artist to try out and be creative. This is all thanks to the arm’s three-dimensional surface, which allows the tattoo to be seen in full rotation. The inner forearm also contains the best skin for tattoos, since it’s safe from sun exposure and doesn’t age that quickly. The arms are also the spot where tattooing is the least painful.

Frequently Asked Questions On Getting Arm Tattoos

  • Are Arm Tattoos Safe?

If you pay a visit to your favorite tattoo shop that uses only the best equipment and exercises safety precautions, then yes, getting a tattoo is safe indeed. If this shop uses brand new needles for all of their clients, then this means that there’s zero percent chance of getting a blood-transmitted disease, like hepatitis. Plenty of tattoo artists out there will be happy to put your worries at ease by opening a pack of new needles which they intend to use on you during the session. And once your tattoo is complete, it’s the artist’s job to immediately dispose the needles. Always ask the shop about their safety policies, before deciding if this is the place where you can get your tattoo in.

  • How Should I Prepare For My Appointment?

Make sure to eat plenty of food before you visit the shop for your appointment. Even if you’re feeling anxious about getting a tattoo, you still need to get some food into your stomach anyway. That’s because your blood sugar levels can drop while you get a tattoo, and if you’re hungry and tired, you could faint in the middle of your session. You’re allowed to bring your favorite snacks and food in case you have to sit in the shop for hours.

Another thing to prepare yourself for is your choice of outfits. Don’t hesitate to ask your artist if you’re not really certain what type of clothes to wear for the location of your tattoo. Make sure to wear something very comfortable during your appointment. Old clothes are excellent, since ink does tend to splatter on fabrics, and they can be hard to get rid of. In the case of arm tattoos, it’s a good idea to wear a tank-top or a short-sleeved shirt during the session.

  • How Long Will It Take?

Firstly, you and your tattoo artist must discuss on the details as well as the size of the tattoo design. Check out the artist’s drawings and talk about your needs. This could go for a couple of minutes to several hours, depending on how detailed, complex, and huge you want your ink to be. The actual time it takes for you to get a tattoo will all depend on the amount of details and size thrown inside the tattoo design. Star designs or even Chinese/Korean/Japanese characters only take a maximum of ten minutes to create. A tiny tribal tattoo in black ink only takes up to 75 minutes. Huge pieces meant to be placed on the sleeve, chest, back, as well as portrait tattoos take several hours to finish. This means you have to return to the shop until the piece is done. During each of these sessions, you can stay in the shop for as long as you and the artist like – Four hours being the average.

  • What If I Have Fear Of Blood And Needles?

If the sight of blood or the thought of getting pricked by a needle scares you, then getting a tattoo should not be a priority. But your artist will always point out that these tattoo needles don’t have to go deep into the skin – Just 1/16 of an inch. During the session, the needles move in an upwards and downwards motion, slowly pushing in the ink just below the topmost layer of your skin. In fact, there’s not enough damage sustained here and people don’t even bleed too much. Your artist will also be constantly wiping off the blood and excess ink from your skin, so the tattoo looks very clean and nicely done. Too much bleeding only occurs whenever the client has alcohol in their system or is taking medicine that doubles as a blood thinner.

  • How Long Does A New Tattoo Take To Heal?

A tattoo’s healing process has many stages. During the first week, your skin will still be technically an open wound and will be susceptible to infection. You have to pay close attention to your tattoo during this period and keep it clean all the time. During the second week, your tattoo will finally start to look great, but you still need to avoid swimming in salt water or chlorinated pools. It would take up to a month before the new skin growing over your tattoo will start to look normal again.

How Much Do Arm Tattoos Cost?

One of the first things to think of is which place you want to get your tattoo done. If you don’t have a preferred location to get your tattoo in, then be sure to get it done in an area where the fees are less. Don’t risk giving yourself a poorly-made tattoo just for a cheaper price. And make sure to do your research about your selected shop and check to see which artist is the best one. If the shop’s fees don’t fit your budget, then just keep looking for more shops until you find a reliable one who has talent and gives off a reasonable pricing for your tattoos.

Arm Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Once you’re done getting inked, you must follow the correct ways of taking care of a brand new tattoo, as well as the aftercare process. This helps your new tattoo heal up properly, and not go through any infections. Your new tattoo also has to be air-dried to allow it to breathe for a while as it heals. Placing in too much cream, lotions, or submerging them underwater for a long time can also affect the healing process and your tattoo could look worse for the wear.

Follow the aftercare process as soon as you leave the tattoo shop. After five hours, take off the band-aid then wash it right away using unscented liquid soap. Apply light pressure to your tattoo as you wash, so you won’t end up ruining it. Make sure to rinse gently but thoroughly, until all of the signs of blood are gone. Do this several times a day. A piece of advice: If your tattoo is on your hands, fingers, or feet, then wash it more than usual (at least four times) since this can potentially attract dirt and infect your ink. Rinse your tattoo with lukewarm water, and pat it dry using a paper towel. After that, allow it to air-dry for up to thirty minutes.


Apply unscented lotion or tattoo care ointment on the tattoo after that. Always remember that your tattoo and the skin surrounding it has to breathe and air-dry, so don’t place a glob on top of it and simply allow it to be absorbed by the skin. If you put in too much ointment on it, it’ll create scabs too quickly, which is a sign that it’s not healing the way it’s supposed to.

These scabs should appear in around three to four days after you get the tattoo. When this happens, it does tend to itch a bit. It could be extremely tempting to pick, scratch, rub, or pull of the bits of scabs, but try not to do that. This could potentially harm your skin and create blotchiness with the colors.

Once your tattoo has all healed up, make sure it’s well-maintained. It’s always a great way to keep your ink away from the sun’s heat to prevent sunburn, but when you work outdoors, this isn’t really a good option. So use a tattoo-friendly sunblock if you have no choice but to work outdoors. Apply a light coating of sunscreen to your ink if you intend to swim in the ocean or do an activity that makes you sweat and exposes you to the sun.



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