68 Ankle Tattoos You Should Consider Right Now


Ankle tattoos are very popular with women because they are discreet, but still visible with almost any outfit. They show subtle femininity without being too loud and are easy to cover up when needed. Not all designs are made for ankle tattoos, so make sure you find the right one! We made this list to help you in finding the best female ankle tattoo designs you can get inspiration from. Scroll down and take a look at these amazing tattoo ideas:

1. Single Flower Stalk

Having a slim, vertical flower gives a chic minimalist look on your legs.

2. Gradient Shadowing

Add drama with shading that looks like it was straight out of an artist’s sketchbook. This looks best even with monochromatic tattoos.

3. Bridge Tattoo

Decorate your foot from ankle to the entire bridge with a rose. The design is feminine enough but the technique cuts across all artistic tastes.

4. Brocade art

If you fancy European details like crawling vines and small pops of color, a brocade tattoo is a good option for you.

5. Geometric minimalism

Thanks to Asian tattoo artists, use of geometric lines to form designs has gained popularity over the years.

6. Permanent anklet

Get an anklet that doesn’t irritate your ankles. A cute charm adds as a great detail to an anklet tattoo.

7. Clean, defined lines

Another trait of the minimalism trend are clean, defined lines with little to no shading. These designs hurt less and look cleaner.

8. Waterlily 

Waterlilies in have always been used in the east as symbols of abundance, purity and innocence. This cute minimalist version is perfect for yoginis.

9. Doodled wildflowers

These flowers look like they were doodled on the skin with a marker, in a good, reminiscent kind of way!

10. Quoted stem

Flower stems can be a great way to experiment with your favorite song lines, quotes or even names of people you love.

11. Bejewelled anklet

Look like a gypsy showered with jewels with this anklet tattoo detailed with lace and beadwork.

12. It stings

A jellyfish adapts well to any environment and if you get one on your ankle, it means you can, too!

13. A year in time

Was there a significant year for you? Have it tattooed around your ankle and look back on it as you walk forward.

14. Thin heart icon

Hearts look cute, painless and match any outfit. A slim tattoo like this takes less than five minutes to ink but will look good forever.

15. Anchor

Anchors keep you grounded even when you feel like drifting off. Avoid looking like a pirate by adding twirly details that soften the look without losing the meaning.

16. A small galaxy

Having a small group of planets and stars gives off a youthful vibe. Pay a tribute to the last page doodles on your science notebook with a piece like this.

17. Spread your wings and prepare to fly

Butterflies symbolize change. From a caterpillar to a full-blown butterfly, celebrate your transformation with a tattoo like this.

18. Detailed pine tree

Some trees symbolize wisdom, but some may symbolize a special place in your heart. Have a small tree tattooed on your ankle, but go all out on the smallest details. You will not regret it.

19. An even tinier waterlily

Here is a more geometric, minimalist version of a waterlily that also symbolizes sexuality. Stay true to your core with a tattoo that speaks who you truly are.

20. I wanna be a peacock

Peacock feathers are associated with grandeur and seduction. It’s a good pop of color when you have a wrap tattoo around your ankle.

21. Tiny bouquet

This tiny bouquet at the top portion of the ankle peeks nicely over a pair of socks.

22. Shine bright

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so have one on your ankle to show how precious you are!

23. Trippy flowers

Orchids are expensive flowers to maintain, and often symbolize rare and delicate beauty. Add a swoosh of hazy stars and you now have a trippy design covering your ankle.

24. Sky full of stars

Star constellations look pretty on anyone. Use a combination of sizes to achieve a full galaxy look.

25. Abstract elephant

This small ankle tattoo is a head-turner especially since you won’t recognize it at first glance. When you take a better look, it’s an elephant that symbolizes good luck and strength.

26. Friendship ankle tattoos

Share tattoos with your closest pals and form a unique bond to last a lifetime.

27. Imperfect flowers

Most artists depict flowers when they are blooming, but this tattoo of flowers losing their petals is just as beautiful.

28. Zodiac sign

Are you an avid reader of the horoscope? Get your sign tattooed and have an instant conversation starter!

29. Mountain range

Mountain tattoos are a more natural alternative to skyline tattoos and relive memories of camping and trekking.

30. Flower pot outline

If you’re going to put flowers on your ankle anyway, why not a flowerpot with homegrown flowers on it? It has the beauty of a flower but celebrates every things in life like a plant you have to tend to at home.

31. Black widow

Spiders, especially when used by women, symbolize seduction and mystery. They can also mean creation in life because of the webs they weave. Carefully select the kind of spider tattoo you want so you don’t get confused on the meanings!

32. Hamsa Hand

This traditional Middle Eastern amulet symbolizes the Hand of God. In all religions, this is considered as a protective sign to ward off evil and brings the owner luck and good fortune.

33. Small robin

Some people refer to robins as divine birds. Whatever they mean to you, they are very cute additions to your lower leg.

34. Personal reminder

If you have words that need to serve as constant reminders, have them etched on your skin with tiny bird details that symbolize freedom.

35. Paper plane

Paper planes symbolize travel and playfulness. Instead of having tattoos of actual objects, try having origami versions on your skin instead for an artistic touch.

36. Swallow

Swallow tattoos date back to British sailors. They use the swallow to show off their sailing experience, and are still being used by celebrities today. A few tattoos crawling from the ankle to the bridge of the foot look great on travelers.

37. Anchor and chain

If nautical is your style, a classic anchor and chain tattoo would look good on you. It keeps both (or at least one) of your feet grounded.

38. Pointillism patterns

Actual art techniques look way better when done on the skin. Think of a simple design to play shading with, and have your trusted tattoo artist do the pointillism.

39. Flower vase

With the rise of minimalist Korean tattoos, this flower vase is a sleek but pleasant surprise at the top of your ankle.

40. Beach tattoos

Tattoos can also symbolize your favorite place or activity. Tattooing near both ankles with a palm tree and an anchor can guide your feet to your favorite destination.

41. Chemical composition

Science students love having tattoos of chemical compositions. They are cryptic but fun and is a good trivia for friends!

42. Twin hearts

Having two bold symmetrical hearts on your Achilles gives a dainty spin to an otherwise bold statement.

43. Feathers

This feather anklet can pay tribute to someone’s Native American roots. As an accessory, it also goes well with sandals and a lot of bohemian outfits.

44. Minimalist snowflake

Snowflakes can represent a particular winter you want to remember. If you love the cold season, a small snowflake on your ankle can keep you cool on the hottest summers.

45. Sagittarius constellation

Save some time explaining your constellation tattoo by adding an image of the zodiac sign in it. This tattoo represents Sagittarius, the centaur archer. What’s yours?

46. An elephant in the room

While elephants represent good fortune, they also represent the majesty and rarity of the jungle. Throw in ethnic patterns to fill your tattoo to make it perfect for the wild.

47. Achilles pine tree

A bigger pine tree on top of your Achilles would look like it was from a vintage book. Get a skilled artist to mimic block printing to give a classic vibe to your leg.

48. Opposites attract

The sun and the moon represent the opposites in this world: night and day, male and female, light and dark. Achieve balance in your day to day life with these minimalist tattoos.

49. Rose without the thorns

This dark version of a rose without thorns is perfect for rock and roll nights.

50. Bird’s nest

New moms may look at a bird’s nest as a sign of motherhood and care for her children. For new moms, consider adding a nest with space enough to add new eggs when you have more kids.

51. Flower monogram

A subtle way of writing down initials is by using flower vines. Write down the initials of a loved one without having to put letters.

52. Pixie dust

Fairies remind us of the magic of youth. This Tinkerbell lookalike can take you to Neverland any time of the day!

53. Tribal daisies

Tribal-inspired tattoos do not necessarily mean they look manly. Add a few colored flowers and you have an ethereal design on your ankle tattoo.

54. For the musically inclined

Can’t live without music? This combination of musical notes is an instant symphony on your ankle!

54. Flower power

This ankle and bridge tattoo combines intricate flowers and feminine stems that loop all around.

55. Proud Mary

Rosaries are tattooed on ankles and feet to symbolize Catholic faith. Who says you can’t be religious and look like a gang movie villain at the same time?

56. Watercolor tattoos

Watercolor tattoos are perfect for those who love a splash of color. Instead of sketches, artists paint the initial designs of the tattoos and work from there. You can play around with backgrounds and shading too.

57. Hibiscus flower

A single hibiscus flower is both feminine and oriental. Imagine the waves washing sand off your feet on a dream vacation to Hawaii. This tattoo can transport you to that dream destination.

58. Classic rose

A single rose ankle tattoo is still a classic choice for most girls. It’s okay to use at any age and the design aesthetic does not lose its luster over time.

59. Grim reaper

A scythe symbolizes death, and can represent the loss of a loved one. The use of thick lines and bold colors gives it a friendlier comical touch, compared to realistic-looking ones.

60. Blossoming bud

While flowers are already an obvious choice, a bud about to blossom symbolizes new beginnings and the cycle of life.

61. Lace anklet

Add a romantic touch from the Victorian era to contrast your modern sneakers. This version of a lace anklet looks like a real one from afar!

62. Calla lily

Calla lilies are used to symbolize elegance, faith and purity. The touch of warm reds in this tattoo also add a touch of sensuality, making it a great piece for a woman of grace.

63. Wildflower arrangement

Tropical and natural flower arrangements are gaining popularity compared to clean arrangements. Dark wildflower arrangements on the bridge of your feet bring you closer to nature as if blending your feet on a patch of flowers.

64. Cub feet

Do you know what your spirit animal is? Tattoo them on your feet and embody the traits of your furry counterpart.

65. Elephant patterns

This piece is like a portable adult coloring book on your leg. The complex patterns show artistry but the enlarged head of the elephant makes the tattoo look friendlier. Perfect for animal lovers!

66. Potterheads unite

The most popular Harry Potter tattoo is the Deathly Hallows sign, which only true fans can recognize. Add a bit of pointillism shading details above your angle to add depth to your tattoo.

67. Leopard print

The animal print around the ankle transforms your skin into a formidable creature in the jungle. The pattern is eye-catching and can look like leggings at first glance!

68. Tie a ribbon

The ribbon adds a young feminine touch to any look, but an elongated bow also adds an elegant touch. It goes well with dresses and can be a good idea for ballerinas.


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