70 Beautiful Guardian Angel Tattoo Designs


So many people believe in the concept of angels, along with other heavenly beings. Angels are meant to be superior to just about any living creature in this planet. An angel is there to guide you, in whatever choices you make in life. Religious people have said that angels have been sent by God to keep a close watch over humans. But it’s always been debated whether angels do exist or not.

There’s just something so nice about an angel, no matter if they follow the path of light or darkness. The concept of angels are so popular, and have been throughout the decades. Some of the best tattoos created are angel tattoos. These tattoos can be found across the globe, and so many people actually have dozens of reasons why they get them for themselves. A guardian angel tattoo can be worn by both men and women. And not only that, they also come in many different sizes and forms. Angel tattoos can be elegant and carry so many meanings at the same time. You can find plenty of angel tattoos, depending on which angel has been used in the tattoo’s design, or which portion of the angel has been used here.

Angels have made several appearances in the Bible – Some of them have names, and some of them don’t. They were mentioned in both the Old and New testaments, and because of this, plenty of the illustrations regarding angels were based after what was found in the scriptures. In tattoo design, angels are depicted as either babies, or full grown with an accompanying symbol.

Despite all of that though, guardian angel tattoos are highly complex, especially in regards of what they could look like in the design. Each guardian angel tattoo contains their own set of wings. These wings appear delicate, even in tattoo form, and this means that they were created by a professional tattoo artist. They also look highly detailed sometimes, which is great when they come in a big size.

Types of Guardian Angel Tattoo Designs                     

The guardian angel tattoo is a highly popular tattoo design, and it has been for so many decades now. There’s just something so comforting about seeing a picture of an angel – No matter if it’s the light or dark that draws you towards them. It’s actually quite difficult to point out the reason why people decide to get themselves an angel tattoo – Probably because these people want the guidance of a guardian angel to watch over them.

Even though not a lot of people decide to go with the white guardian angel design, they can also get themselves a dark and mysterious angel tattoo as well.

Angel is translated to ‘Aggelo’ in Greek. And this word means passing along somewhere new, and giving an announcement. This is an excellent thing that you can permanently attach to your body, especially if that is the message that you wish to convey to whoever you meet.

In certain religions like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, angels are given a certain importance. They serve as the connection between Heaven and earth, and there have been instances where ordinary people have felt the presence of angels during times of peril or sadness. They take comfort in the fact that these beings are there to keep a close watch over us and keep us safe from any form of harm. This is another reason why people like getting guardian angel tattoos.

Plenty of angel tattoos are depicted with a halo or wings. Sometimes they only use the pair of wings, without the head or the body. Back then, a popular tattoo concept involved getting a big pair of angel wings placed on your back. Cherub tattoos are popular type of guardian angel tattoo design as well. Here are several guardian angel tattoo designs that you will surely love.

  • Small Guardian Angel Tattoo: A tiny guardian angel tattoo can be cute, especially if placed at the right area. People who get these tattoos sometimes depict the angels as babies, or cherubs. Cupid is a good example of a cherub tattoo.
  • Guardian Angel With Bible Verse: It makes complete sense to get an angel tattoo with an accompanying bible verse, and this is a design that is highly popular among tattoo enthusiasts. To be able to add in more religious sentiments, people sometimes accompany the verses to their tattoo designs.
  • Memorial Guardian Angel Tattoo Designs: Sometimes, people might not know that a guardian angel tattoo is usually acquired to honor the memory of someone, especially a person who has made an impact on your life, or you’re especially close with. Each person who gets an angel tattoo probably has their own personal reason why they chose this design. A tattoo should be able to tell a story about the wearer, no matter if it’s deep, or something very casual.
  • Defender Angel Tattoo: Angels are meant to save people from danger, and art has often depicted them as a type of defender against evil or slaying an incarnation of evil. But usually, these drawings are done in the form of a man wearing a robe, with a halo and wings. This is supposed to represent the belief that angels have taken the form of humans, except they come from heaven and have wings.
  • Angel Wing Tattoos: There are occasions where instead of the person getting a tattoo of an angel itself, they only get themselves the wings. But these wings are filled with plenty of detail, not to mention large. It covers the wearer’s shoulders, or the backside. Naturally, these angel wing tattoos are often placed in between the wearer’s shoulders, where a pair of wings would be located if human beings had them. On rare instances, the wings are placed at the lower back.

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Meaning of Guardian Angel Tattoos         

The guardian angel tattoo actually holds a positive meaning, because as mentioned, the Greek translation of the word ‘angel’ is an ambassador, or a messenger from God to his people. For plenty of individuals out there, the character also represents true beauty on the inside and out, as well as peace, forgiveness, and of course, love.

The designs used for guardian angel tattoos are oftentimes based from classic art or renaissance art. The renaissance period, as well as art drawn during the middle ages, are often used for tattoo art and are drawn in accurate detail by the most skilled tattoo artists.

Angel tattoos can have the following meanings: Beauty, peace, innocence, spirituality, love, purity, protection, faith, and devotion. Oftentimes, people have used angel tattoos to commemorate and honor a loved one who has passed away. That’s because it is often believed that the dead become angels who are there to guide us and protect us in our everyday lives. Acquiring a tattoo dedicated to the memory of someone also means you have them with you for the rest of your life.

People who get guardian angel tattoos often accompany them with the following icons: A cross, the devil, a fairy, clouds, halos, banners with words on them, bows, swords, and musical instruments like harps or trumpets.

The Right Placement of Guardian Angel Tattoos

Plenty of tattoo artists are aware that the right tattoo placement can accommodate not just you, but everybody else who sees your ink. So if you want to wear something where the orientation is just right from where you can see your ink, but not the one from others, then you could end up having a very long discussion with your artist regarding this issue. If you’re pretty sure that you want that tattoo of yours to be placed visibly in your favor, then go find a tattoo artist who is willing to respect your request, no matter if people disapprove of your idea. Another thing you have to deal with here is people who turn their heads to look at you, whenever they want to get a glimpse of your tattoo design.

You can place in a guardian angel tattoo on whatever part of the body you like. If big tattoos are your thing, then this guardian angel tattoo would look good on your back. A person’s back has a flat surface, and this makes the tattoo design look very clever. It’s also much bigger compared to any other body part, so you can place a tattoo in there that’s filled with plenty of details. Angel wings are the most common angel-themed tattoo placed on the back, and it usually takes over the entire upper back portion. There are even people out there who go as far as to utilize the entire back as a canvas for their own tattoos.

You can wear a guardian angel tattoo on any part of the body, including your back and your shoulder blades. This is a type of tattoo that carries plenty of various meanings, including for protection against evil, or as a tribute to someone dear who has passed away. Or maybe people just get an angel tattoo to show off their good side.

If you prefer a smaller angel tattoo, you can place it in either your hands or your arms. These two are the body parts that go well with tattoos that measure a maximum width of three inches, and a height of five inches. The positioning of these tattoos are also wonderful for those who are willing to show off their angel tattoos, because the arms and hands are always exposed.

Guardian Angel Tattoo Preparation Tips

Even though your artist might end up charging you with a hefty amount of cash for your tattoo, in reality, they can only bring home at least fifty percent of the entire amount. This doesn’t count the needles, the pigment, as well as the disposables that they’ll end up paying out of their pocket and they used for your tattoo. This is a person who just changed your body and possibly your life, so if you’re happy with the outcome of your tattoo, then be sure to leave them a generous tip.

Don’t ask the artist right away what price they charge for their artwork, and how much cash you can expect to shell out. Do not ask them how much cash you’ll be able to save with the quoted amount. That’s because your tattoo session could go on longer than what both of you expected, so you can end up leaving the shop with a still-unfinished tattoo after four hours, or spend an additional $150 for a fifth hour and the artist giving your tattoo some additional detailing. If your tattoo finishes within four hours, then that’s great. This means you have enough cash to leave a tip to your artist, and even save up some cash to be used on a second tattoo.

Dress comfortably when you go to your appointment. Be careful about the positioning of your new tattoo, and always wear something loose enough to allow the artist to begin working on that area without having to take off your clothes. If you’re planning to get a tattoo on your rib cage, then don’t wear a frilly dress.

Get loads of rest and eat something heavy before you go to your session. Keep yourself hydrated. Your artist will surely appreciate you having to sit still and relaxed during the entirety of the session, without feeling faint or throwing up in the trash can.

Make sure to give your artist a clear and detailed description of your tattoo. Great communication between you and your artist always results in you getting exactly the types of guardian angel tattoo designs that you want. Less time is wasted for both parties as well, and that’s always a good thing.


Is Getting A Guardian Angel Tattoo Painful?

When it comes to dozens of tattoo artists out there, pain is always an important part of the entire tattooing process. How the client handles the pain isn’t that important as compared to accepting the pain, feeling it, and welcoming that surge of adrenalin and endorphins that getting a tattoo sometimes brings.

If you get a tattoo in an area that is sensitive or ticklish, then chances are that it’s going to hurt a bit. One of the more important things to consider here, however, is that each person handles pain differently. The design of your tattoo can also make a big difference in regards to how it all feels. Tattooing lines can give you a different kind of pain, compared to when they’re getting filled in with colored ink, or if the artist is applying blocks of color in it. But what’s interesting here is that there are plenty of debates as to which part of the tattooing actually hurts a bit more. The reaction is always subjective. There are some people who think that the lining isn’t that painful compared to tattooing, while the others say it’s the complete opposite. But the truth is, both contain just the same amount of pain levels.

Even if you do choose to bravely welcome the pain while getting your tattoo, it’s good to keep a closer watch on the signals that your body produces. If you’re feeling nauseous or dizzy, then ask your artist if you could get a short break. A responsible artist will always grant your request, or even stop the session and ask you to return tomorrow. Experiencing pain does mean that the pigment is inserted too deep into your skin, or something else is wrong. If you’re bothered by this, don’t be afraid to ask. And if you don’t trust the artist, then you can always get up and leave the shop.

Frequently Asked Questions On Getting Guardian Angel Tattoos

  • How can you control the pain in tattooing?

A great way for you to be able to handle the pain of getting a tattoo is to not get one in spots where your skin is the most sensitive. Both tattoo artists and tattoo fans have mentioned that the worst areas  to get a tattoo is where you won’t find a thick layer of fat or muscle in the middle of the skin and the bone, including the feet, the hands, the ribs, the ankles, the groin, and the lower back.

  • Can’t you donate blood if you get a tattoo?

There’s a misconception in society that states blood taken from a tattooed person is unclean or infected. This is not true. If your tattoo is made by a professional artist who adheres to the general safety techniques and precautions, then you shouldn’t worry about having to give your blood. But you still need to wait for up to a year since all of the potential risks that come out of getting a tattoo can take several years before it is spotted.

  • How do I choose the guardian angel design?

For those who are certain which tattoo design they want, then this step should be easy. Meanwhile, for the rest, the process could take a while – Especially if it’s your first tattoo. It always helps to do some research and find an image that you really like or can relate to, then save those to a flash drive. Over time, you will learn that your combined list of tattoo ideas do contain a very common element – No matter if it has something to do with the style, or the subject, or maybe a bit of both. After you have done your research and compiled a list of your favorite potential tattoo ideas, go talk to your artist and talk to them about possible ideas for a brand new tattoo. If the tattoo shop you’ve chosen is a good one, then they will surely provide you with excellent feedback, and you’ll be one step closer to finding out which design is the best for you.

  • Is Getting A Guardian Angel Tattoo Safe?

There are several tattoo shops  that acquire pathogen training certificates and are knowledgeable about basic first aid, as well as CPR. These are the tattoo shops that are highly trustworthy, since they tend to observe some really strict protocols and do their best to avoid cross-contamination. They always use the newest and most sterile disposable needles for their work. The artist will open the pack of needles in front of you before the tattoo session can begin, as well as them throwing away the used needle into a trash bin after the tattoo is done. This guarantees that they will never be used on another client again. A good tattoo artist also uses disposable ink holders, as well as a single-usage barrier on pretty much everything that they need to touch while tattooing someone.

  • Is it possible to cover up an old tattoo with something new?

Yes, you can get your tattoo covered up with another one. Each tattoo is different from the other, and the artist first needs to see the completed piece first, before they can decide if a cover-up is the best idea or not.

Factors That Influence The Cost Of Getting Guardian Angel Tattoos

A tattoo artist always puts in plenty of detail when they create a guardian angel tattoo for their client. And because an angel tattoo has the face of a human, then creating a design out of this is much more challenging compared to creating a tattoo design out of different patterns and shapes. And thanks to the factors mentioned, the average service price for these tattoos could go for over $150 to $300 – And this is just for the local artists. If you decide to go further and hire an internationally-known artist to do your tattoo, then it’ll probably be twice as expensive.

The standard pricing of aa tattoo comes from the period that it takes to finish up the entire design, as well as the number of sessions needed to complete it. You still need to keep in mind that certain artists will charge you for the size of the tattoo as well as how detailed the design is, and not by hourly rates. Once again, the price will all depend on which artist does your tattoo, and whether they’re great at their job or not. It’s also important to know that a custom-made design costs more than the ones that you have seen before.

Your tattoo’s final pricing will also be determined according to the design. A simple tattoo design can be finished in about an hour, and as a result, it’ll most likely be cheaper compared to a design that’s much more comprehensive and takes more than two hours to finish up. A tattoo artist always puts in plenty of effort and thought into making their very own customized design, which is sure to suit your own personal style and ideas. So the final price of your ink is only determined after you learn exactly what the design looks like, and how you want it to look, as well as the complexities that are involved in making it.

There are other tattoo artists who will charge you by the hour, instead of how big or small or detailed your tattoo design might be. Larger tattoos are obviously much more expensive compared to smaller ones. If you have saved enough cash to be able to pay for a highly complex tattoo design, then by all means, go for it.

Guardian Angel Tattoo Maintenance Tips

You finally got yourself a brand new tattoo. Now what? Each artist has their own set of aftercare and maintenance tips, as well as a list of recommended products. Some of these tips work, and some don’t. But one of the most important things here is to always listen to what your tattoo artist has to say. That’s because they will inform you exactly what it is you need to do in order for you to properly take good care of your ink. Their rules are all based after what they have seen and observed after so many decades of experience.

Plenty of these tattoo healing problems are caused by the client not properly following instructions, or not following them at all. The instructions that these artists will give you are highly important. Always follow the advice of your artist. And keep in mind that each person has their own skin type, and could have skin allergies, and possible negative reactions to tattoo ink. So everyone will heal differently.


Always remember what advice your artist gives you and follow whatever it is that they instruct. If your artist has had plenty of experience in tattooing, then they will definitely know which product to use for taking care of your ink, as well as which type of healing technique is best used for their own work, along with their clients. If you change the aftercare process and the tattoo gets an infection or if the ink rubs off, then your artist isn’t obliged to do a retouch for free. You should be the one to take care of your tattoo, as soon as you depart from the studio.