Amazing Tattoo Ideas for Sports Lovers


Tattoos can be a true passion for some people. When choosing a specific design to be printed on the skin, we often find inspiration from something that we consider intimate or of which we are truly passionate about. Some people are so into sport that they want to showcase their support by having their favorite team or player inked on their skin. There’s a lot to talk about when thinking about sport-inspired tattoos. These can be not only related to the specific sport but also to the size, the color, or the style, being huge or very small, black and white or colourful, detailed or simple. That said, let’s talk about some tattoos ideas inspired by the world of sport. We will focus on the most popular ones among fans.


First Things First

When you decide to make a tattoo, whatever the subject, make sure you choose a real professional. In this case, it does not make much sense to look for the cheapest price if you are not sure of the quality. Like placing bets at trusted sportbooks is important for the betters,  finding a trusted tattoo artist is fundamental. Let’s not forget that most likely, the tattoo you choose will remain on your skin forever.


First of all, we will talk about what is considered the king of all sports worldwide: football. If you are looking for a very nice design, among the most common options we can find soccer shoes, or other more unusual ideas, like drawings of a soccer ball as the center of different compositions. Other ideas could be to include elements such as the world cup or other trophies related to this sport. Moreover, there are many people who decide to decorate their body with the logo of their favourite team.


One other most typical sport that inspires tattoos is basketball. Even in this case, the basketball ball is the centerpiece of almost any tattoo. Either alone or accompanied by other elements, it is always beautiful. An idea could be to include a hand or an arm in the design in order to give a feeling of greater movement and dynamism. One of the most popular and well-known basketball teams is the Chicago Bulls, and they are an inspiration of many tattoos. By the way, let’s be honest, the logo is particularly attractive for a tattoo.

Motor sports

Motor sports are also an important source of inspiration in the field of sports tattoos. As a result, many people make tattoos with images of racing bikes or racing cars. For these designs, rather large areas of the body are usually chosen, since they normally have many details that can be appreciated and realized adequately only in areas of the body sufficiently extended.

Other sports

Other sports worthy of mention when talking about tattoos are, for example, golf, hockey, surfing and Olympic sports. Of course, apart from the tattoos with intrinsic and specific elements of every sport, another very common practice is to tattoo the flags or a players’ portrait. Portrait tattoos are for sure very difficult, but when done correctly are among the most enviable of all inked images. Obviously, these new ideas widens even more the already huge range of options that are presented to people who want a tattoo inspired by sport.

In conclusion, tattoos with sporty designs are a perfect choice for all fans and sports lovers of any age, gender or style. Just keep in mind the following advice before making a tattoo of this type. Often tastes and trends change, so it is better to be completely sure of the fact that you want to make a tattoo of a certain sport or a certain player or team. So, which one do you choose?



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