Add Photo Tiles to the Interior and Exterior of Your House


Wallpics are lightweight photo tiles that can be used to beautify the Wall Photo Tiles. These panels stick to the walls easily and can be removed if need be. You can print literally any photos on the Wallpics tiles. This is indeed a fantastic way to keep looking at the photos you love. The photo tiles are easy to fix because they do not need a hammer or nails. You can stick and unstick them easily. This gives you the additional advantage of being able to move the photo tile to anyplace you find appropriate.

The making of the photo tile

The process of making a photo tile is quite simple. First, you choose the photo or a series of photos that you want to print. Next thing you need to do is download and Install Wall Pics Photo Tiles App from Google Play Market or App Store. Using the templates in the app, drag the photo onto the online builder and add the message with custom font if you’d like. Then, choose the available sizes. The design is then transferred to the surface of the tile with the use of unique heat sublimation technology. The last step – unpack your new 8X8 one-inch thick tiles. 

What is Heat Sublimation?

Heat sublimation technology is the process that is used to pass on the image that you have on the computer on to a hard surface. When you wish to print the image on a tile, mug, or any other hard surface, it requires the use of three ingredients: heat, ink, and pressure.

The process

The ink used for printing the photo tile is a special sublimation ink that is turning into gas from the solid state without going through the liquid phase. The transformation is somewhat similar to that of the dry ice. The heat initiates the process, which is controlled with the pressure and time. This ensures that the print is transferred on to a paper with a unique finish. The finish ensures that the sublimation ink is not absorbed into the paper. The paper must be of a superior quality to get excellent pictures. The paper is then placed on the surface on which the design is to be printed: the mug, tile, or cloth, and then pressed. Now you have the photo tile you desire to decorate the wall.

How to use Wallpics?

You can stick the photo tile on your wall or any other surface and enjoy the picture you admire without searching for it among the number of photos you have in your phone gallery. The installation of Wallpics Photo Tiles for Walls is very simple which permits you to keep moving the photo tiles to whichever part of the room you want. Go ahead and create a collage of photos or print a single photo on several tiles.

Photo titles in the interior and exterior

The photo tiles are believed to bring magic into your interior. They can literally transform the place be it your living room, bedroom, dining room, bathroom or even the walls of the stairway. You can create and recreate the design you want because Photo Tiles for Walls are easy to use and re use. You can get almost any pictures on 8X8 tiles and arrange them in the order you like to give the room an all-new look.

If you are not a big fan of hanging the photos all around the house, there is nothing to worry about as you can use the design of your choice for the wallpics photo tiles online. You can print some parts of the image on the 8X8 tiles and create a big picture. It is almost as exciting as putting together the pieces of a puzzle.

Photo tiles for the exterior

Using of the photo tiles for exteriors is dependent on the climate. Using of the ceramic tiles on the exteriors of homes in rainy and chilly places is not advisable because the water tends to seep to the back of the tile causing it to bulge and fall off the wall. However, you can indeed decorate the exterior that is at least partly protected with natural pictures.

Tile murals are great for exterior use. Wide and tall murals contribute significantly to the overall external look of your home. However, here are the things you should consider while thinking of beautifying the exteriors:

  1. Choice of tile body should depend on the climatic conditions in the area and the moisture absorption properties of the tile body. Ceramic tiles have a moisture absorption rate of 16%, whereas that of porcelain tiles and glass is 0.5%. Therefore, it is essential to choose the appropriate tile body.
  2. The tile coating and the type of sublimation dye must also be considered. This is necessary to ensure the UV stability of the dye. The sublimation dye must be of a high energy type so that it does not fade when exposed to the sun rays. The tiles that have a special RN coating seem to encapsulate the dye making it UV resistant.
  3. Unlike mix tiles used in the interiors that are created by sticking the tiles on the walls, the murals in the exteriors need to be grouted. The grout would ensure that the tile will not get damaged due to the barometric changes of the surface beneath the murals.
  4. Though the UV stability of the dye used in murals is excellent, it is still essential to protect the murals from direct sunlight to prevent the pictures from fading.

The photo tiles are in trend, and they have opened up the possibility to decorate your interiors and exteriors at reasonable costs. You no longer need to use expensive art pieces to decorate your home. You can create your own design and changing it whenever you want.


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