A Timeless Statement: How to Pick a Watch as the Perfect Gift


Data shows that around five percent of women give men watches as gifts.

You may be looking to join this stat, but you might not know how to select the right watch.

After all, choosing a watch can be overwhelming as there are some many factors you need to account for. What kind of watch is best? Is the strap important?

The tips in this post will show you how to pick a watch that’ll leave the recipient beaming with happiness. Though you might not know much about watches right now, after reading this post, you’ll know enough to be called the watch whisper.

Let’s begin!

The Sports Watch

One option you might want to go for is a sports watch.

Such watches can be great for people who love to go on outdoor runs as they allow them to track their workouts. Some models even have built-in GPS tracking, which means that someone can go for a run and then review their route using an app.

These watches are best suited to those who take sports seriously. Thus, if the person you’re buying the gift for doesn’t fit this description, it’s probably not a good option.

The Smartwatch

The other option is to buy a ‘smartwatch.’

These accessories can often do the same things as sports watches — and much more. For instance, they give people the chance to read text messages on their watch. Some even offer the ability to make and receive phone calls.

The watches in this category generally fall into two camps – Apple watches and Android watches.

Before buying one, you’ll want to verify the kind of phone used by the recipient. In doing so, you can ensure the watch will work properly, and that the recipient will be able to make full use of its features.

A Formal Watch

There’s also the typical option of buying a formal watch.

First of all, define your budget because formal watches can become pretty pricey.

Next, think about the kind of strap you’d like for the watch. You generally have the option of a leather or metal strap.

Some people have a preference, and so you might want to look at some of the straps used by the recipient. This’ll give you an idea of what they like and reduce the odds of you making a bad decision.

That said, you can always change the strap at a later date. Companies like Barton watch bands can help you with this, and it’s often straightforward to change the strap yourself.

Another cool thing about formal watches is that you can engrave them.

Thus, if you’re buying the watch for a special occasion, you have the option of writing a special message on its back. Usually, the company selling the watch will provide this service for a relatively small fee.

Do You Know How to Pick a Watch?

If you’re looking to buy someone a special gift, the tips in this post should help you know how to pick a watch that’ll make the recipient happy.

Try to see a watch in person before making a purchase. While this isn’t always the most practical way to go about things, it’s often the best way to verify the quality of a watch. If this isn’t possible, then be sure to buy your watch from a company with a solid returns policy.

What’s your favorite type of watch? Are there any special features you want in a watch? Share your thoughts below!


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