8 Home Decor Elements to Make Your Home More Personalized


Your home is your sanctuary so it should reflect your vision of what you love and admire. This is your space and it needs to be exactly to your liking. You could scroll through endless social media feeds or websites of interior design, but it is always someone else’s idea of personality and uniqueness, not yours. This makes it mighty difficult to find inspiration that meets your needs and not just rehashing another design-by-the-numbers experiment. You shouldn’t get discouraged, interior design is a lot more difficult than most people would like to think, but it does not have to be a headache.

The most important rule is to make sure you are leaving little traces of yourself in everything you do, which sounds harder than it actually is. Personalizing your home with decor only takes a little bit of experimenting before it clicks and you understand what that vision you were going for actually is. If you are struggling, however, here are 8 home decor elements that will help you personalize your space into that perfect dream.

1. Lay Out a Custom Bed Set

Small but mighty should be one of the themes going forward in this list, and to start it off you can turn your most intimate space, the bedroom, into a uniquely personal area. Custom bed sheets at VisionBedding.com, help you create an impressively personal touch on your home. There are millions of bed sets out there but you can go the extra mile and make them one of a kind, a nice little touch that you can enjoy that will be found nowhere but your home.

2. Include Self-Built Furniture

For all of you handy folk out there, making your own furniture, no matter how big or small could be a cool way to flex your carpentry muscles. Making a bedframe, cabinet/bookshelf, or table is a really in-your-face approach, but even with little skill you can measure, cut, sand, and paint your own floating shelves to hang up and be proud of. There is nothing as personal as making your own furniture.

3. Paint the Front Door

Going back to that idea of thinking small, painting your front door is a low-effort task with potentially big yields in return. The front door is one of the first things people notice when they approach your house, so you want it to look good for guests and passersby. The best way to make it stand out is to get funky and paint it something unusual. A green, blue, or red door is something that is not only attractive, but it stands out in a way that is not too obtrusive to the eyes. Easy, quick, and a good way to stand-out.

4. Put Up Plenty of Family or Personal Photos

Family photos or photos of your memories allows people to get a good glimpse of you. Your house is, as stated enough times, a reflection of you, so you want people to see your moments and memories. Grad photos are always a classic, same with class pictures, but you can include photos of your vacations, family outings, and anything that you documented. The best part is being able to have fun with framing them in unique ways to attract attention. Creating a photobook around your home makes it feel more inviting, and there is definitely no denying how personalized it is.

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5. Display a Collection or Hobby

Keeping with that theme of putting yourself on display, why not show off your hobbies and interests? Most people have some kind of collection going on, anything from stamps and coins to cameras, to musical instruments. Instead of having them collect dust in your house, you want to put them up for the world to see and be impressed by. Guitars can be hung up on walls, old vinyl records you don’t listen to can be used as an accent wall, cameras can be placed in a big glass display or on those floating shelves. There is no limit to the ways you can show off your interests.

6. Get Thrifted or Hand-Me-Down Decor

If you are not one of the handy types and you would like to bypass all the carpentry work, take a shot at looking for thrifted furniture. Many stores that have vintage clothing are chock full of vintage kitchenware and furniture, so you can peruse them and find something that is vintage and feels like a personal touch to your home. Likewise, see if any friends or family have decor or furniture they want to get rid of that you could put to good use. The best part about old, vintage, and hand-me-down decor is that you are very unlikely to find someone who owns it, unlike many big box furniture and retail shops. You should try to restore it as much as you can so you can get a fresh look from it, but this is a fun activity to do.

7. Make Each Room Unique

The whole idea of this list is to help give you personalized home decor ideas so this point might sound redundant but the idea of making each room unique is more about switching up the interior design styles. A contemporary design home has an overall plan for color, patterns, and decor, but why not buck the trend and make each room entirely different from the last? It sounds crazy, and it is definitely not for the faint of heart, but not many people could say they have been to a house with wildly varying styles for each room. Modern kitchen, colonial bedroom, and mid-century modern bathroom would be a culture shock for just about anyone.

8. Add More Foliage

Green, green, and more green can help the home feel much more inviting and livable. Adding plants and foliage of all kinds can really improve the way the home feels, with one of the biggest additions being cleaner air. Some plants do a pretty good job of filtering and keeping the air clean so it is a good idea to hang potters, tuck away succulents on shelves, and fill empty space with some plant life.


As an extension of yourself, your home needs to be able to reflect your personality to create a space that feels unique. There are a lot of ways to do this so it can feel intimidating, but now that you see some of the cool decor elements that can make your home feel personalized, you can get to work and start making your home special.


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