7 Things to Look for When Choosing The Best Male Enhancement Pills


The male physique and virility decline as we advance in age. One reason for this is the declining levels of testosterone in the body. Testosterone is an essential hormone produced in both men and women, but the greater quantities are produced in the former. It is vital for muscle growth, maintaining sperm production, and stabilizing sex drive. Most male enhancement pills target the revitalization of testosterone production to boost the performance and vitality of male users. If you are thinking of purchasing male enhancement pills, read on to know the things you should be looking for.



Zinc is one of the minerals that are vital to various chemical processes of the body, including testosterone production. It has been established as an essential mineral that boosts immunity, which is another aspect of male health that declines with age. The connection of the role of zinc with testosterone production has made it one of the select minerals in the ingredients of enhancement pills and testosterone boosters. Folks from Times Union feature zinc’s association with testosterone production, sexual performance boost, and fertility enhancement. They have featured several male enhancement supplements that have zinc as a key ingredient. Studies also show that zinc boosts exercise recovery time – a superb function needed by athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is often associated with calcium absorption and bone health, but not many of us know of its role in regulating testosterone levels. This all-natural and fat-soluble vitamin is another excellent ingredient to look for in a male enhancement supplement. People these days get less sun exposure as they reach adulthood, which lowers the levels of vitamin D. Studies show that a decrease in vitamin D levels also results in testosterone drop. These studies add that increasing vitamin D intake helps stabilize the production of testosterone and improve sperm production and quality. Another excellent finding is this vitamin also helps re-establish the balance of bone and muscle health, which is what our body needs as we grow older.


You will never look at ginger the same way again after you learn of its health benefits. Aside from being an essential spice and cooking ingredient, ginger is also a traditional medicine use for treating arthritis, respiratory diseases, nausea and vomiting, and indigestion. Recent studies show that ginger stimulates testosterone production through its interaction with the luteinizing hormone. Ginger’s anti-inflammatory and testosterone-boosting properties are an excellent combination in male enhancement pills to increase sexual stamina and erection quality. For health and safety-conscious users, ginger is a splendid natural ingredient that can improve sperm quality and sexual function, overall health, and physical performance.

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)

D-aspartic acid or DAA is one of the mainstays in testosterone boosters and male enhancement pills due to its role in testosterone production. We have to remember that male enhancement is not limited to sexual drive and performance. Muscle gain, strength, and fat regulation are also vital to male health. DAA stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone, which is responsible for the enhanced production of Leydig cells, which stimulates testosterone production. Increased testosterone levels not only boost sperm production and sperm count, but studies also show a connection with increased muscle mass and strength.

Tribulus Terrestris

Safety and effectiveness are the top priority of testosterone booster and male enhancement supplement consumers. Tribulus terrestris is one of the most well-known natural ingredients of the best-selling male enhancement pills in the market today. Also known as goat’s head or puncture vine, Tribulus terrestris is a small plant native to the Mediterranean region and also found in the warm, temperate areas of Africa, Southern Europe, and Asia. It has been used in traditional herbal medications and as an Ayurvedic remedy for hypertension, rheumatic pain, dizziness, and skin and eye infections. Studies on the tribulus plant show that its steroidal saponin content helps improve muscle strength, enhance libido, and stabilize mood and concentration. The steroidal saponin has a mechanism of action that interacts with hormone receptors, especially those involved in testosterone production. Although these findings are promising, further studies are needed to establish its safety as a male enhancement supplement, drug interactions, and long-term use.


Another Ayurvedic medicine herb that is gaining popularity as a male enhancement ingredient is ashwagandha (Withania somnifera). Its other names are Indian ginseng and winter cherry, and it is used for treating joint pain, fatigue, stress, anxiety, diabetes, and cancer. Its serum T (testosterone)-enhancing properties sparked the interest of the scientific community, as the discovery makes it a safe and potent natural ingredient in male enhancement supplements and T-boosters. Its fatigue-reducing and testosterone-boosting properties are excellent for improving sexual performance and health. It is also beneficial in boosting exercise endurance and strength. Studies on natural ingredients are still relatively new, and further research and studies to establish their effectiveness and long-term use safety are needed.


Although there is nothing remotely Greek about its name, fenugreek is among the top ingredients in testosterone boosters and male enhancement pills. This clover-like plant is native to the Mediterranean region, Western Asia, and Southern Europe. Fenugreek also has a long history of use in traditional medicine, and its applications include treating digestive tract problems, inflammation, and diabetes. Studies show that fenugreek also has saponins, which help boost testosterone production. Increased testosterone levels improve muscle strength, sperm count and quality, and sexual function. Like other natural ingredients in male enhancement pills, further research on the interaction of fenugreek with other medications and chemicals and the safety of its long-term use is warranted.

As we advance in age, we often realize that there is still much to do. However, our bodies usually are not able to keep up with the things we intend to do. We usually want to keep our strength and performance steady as we age, but nature and age can take their toll on our bodies. Nevertheless, science has found ways for us to gain back several years of youthful vigor through male enhancement pills. Remember that we have various health needs as we age, so some research is needed in looking for male enhancement supplements. Being aware of the right ingredients and their functions can help you be more confident and satisfied with your purchase.


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