7 Reasons Why A Fish Might Be The Right Pet For You


The right pet can make all the difference in your happiness. If you’ve got demanding work hours, no kids at home, or live a super busy lifestyle — you might want to consider a fish for a pet. Here are 7 reasons why:

Fish Are Low-Cost Pets

For the most part, pets can be rather costly — especially when it comes to dogs or other furry animals. Feeding costs and vet bills can really add up over time with a furry friend. If you want a pet but are on a tight budget, fish is your best option. The initial cost of setting up an aquarium is expensive, but there’s not much besides food after that unless you count cleaning products for the tank as additional expenses.

Fish Are The Perfect Pet If You Can’t Be Home Often

Are you often on the go? Travelling often for work or school? Bring home a goldfish! Most types of fish can survive being left alone for days at a time if you need to go now, without food as long as the water stays clean and there is an adequate supply of oxygen in the water. For instance, goldfish are particularly known to survive up to 5 days without being fed and can survive over a week if the tank is kept clean.

Fish Are Quiet, Peaceful, And Relaxing

Some pets make lots of noise — some bark all day or howl at night. Some just don’t fit well in apartments because they’re too loud. This doesn’t apply to fish! Fish are great for light sleepers as they provide calming sounds that can aid your sleep. No need to worry about waking up, since most fish do not disturb their owners while sleeping with the exception of clownfish who tend to chirp at night! Also, there is something relaxing about watching the fish as they go about their daily routine.

Fish Are Low Maintenance Pets

For the most part, you only need to buy food and cleaning supplies for your tank. Some more specific tasks will be required depending on what type of fish you have — however these tasks can usually be completed within 5 minutes or less each day. Of course, this is an essential task because it keeps your pet’s habitat clean and healthy!

Still pretty easy though! In addition, fish tanks tend to require less regular water changes as opposed to larger animals like turtles who need a full water change weekly or even daily in some cases. Meanwhile, goldfish only need about 30% of their usual tank volume replaced every 3 months.

Fish Are Perfect  If You Want A Pet But Do Not Have The Time To Exercise It

Let’s face it, most other pets require a lot of exercises to keep them healthy and happy! Cats need to play at least once a day on top of regular litter box work, while dogs need even more exercise — such as walking or running for at least 30 minutes per day. You will not need to do any of that with fish! While you should give your fish some space in the tank if you have more than one to avoid conflict, they still don’t need any exercise. A little swimming around is enough for them to stay fit and healthy.

Fish Don’t Require Much Space


If you live in a small space such as an apartment, you might be worried about getting a pet that requires too much room to live in. Take fish for example! You can opt for fish bowls or small tanks which don’t take up too much space at all. If you’re on the fence about whether a large tank would be better for your living quarters — think again! It’s actually cheaper to get smaller tanks than larger ones!

You Can Train Your Fish Too

Some fish are actually pretty intelligent creatures. For example, if you’ve ever had a betta fish, odds are that one day you will notice it following your finger around the tank — this is because despite their slow-moving bodies and wiggling movements; they actually have very good eyesight. Also, goldfish are very smart and can be trained to come up to the side of their tanks when called by trained owners! Clownfish are very smart too, and they can even be taught to do tricks such as balancing a marble on their head.

There are many good reasons why a fish might be the right pet for you. They are quiet, peaceful, low-maintenance, and perfect if you want a pet but do not have the time to exercise it. Plus, fish don’t require much space and you can even train them!


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