7 Healthy Goals You Can Share With Your Spouse


When you are married, you want to do what you can to keep your marriage strong, loving, and healthy. Marriage is a two-way street. In order to have a healthy marriage that will withstand the test of time, both members need to be committed to the marriage. You and your spouse need to work together towards the common goal of a strong marriage. If you are looking for ideas for how you and your partner can work together to create a healthy marriage, below you will find seven different ideas you can implement. Remember, these ideas will only work if both you and your spouse are on-board. So, before you implement any of the suggestions below, it is important that the two of you engage in an open and honest conversation about your goals for your marriage.

Show Each Other Respect

If you want your spouse to respect you, it is important for you to respect them. Always be kind to each other. Talk to them in a civilized and respectful manner, even when you are upset or experiencing stress. If your partner does something kind for you, offer thanks. Reciprocate the gesture by finding something kind you can do for them. Take time to make sure your partner feels appreciated and let them know you love them. You may think that it goes without saying, but hearing the words “I love you” regularly can have a positive impact on your relationship. However, it is important to not only tell your partner that you love them, but to show your love too. Look for little things you can do to make your partner feel loved. It might mean packing their lunch for work, picking up an extra chore around the house that they normally take care of, or running an errand for them.

Communicate Effectively

For a marriage to work well, both members must communicate effectively with one another. Your partner, as much as you may want them to be, is not a mind reader. You need to communicate your feelings if you want them to understand how you are feeling about something. It is also important that you encourage your partner to share their feelings and ideas with you. Effective communication doesn’t mean that you never disagree. There will be disagreements and arguments. However, in a strong marriage, the arguments will be settled through discussion, not through fighting.

Develop and Work Towards Common Goals

Marriage is a lifelong commitment to stay with one person. In order for that commitment to last, it is important for you and your partner to have common goals to work towards accomplishing together. If you and your partner disagree about major life decisions or goals, it can be more challenging to stay on the same page. Make sure that you and your partner talk about your goals, both personal and for your family, regularly. Help each other with tasks that will lead to reaching these goals.

Trust Each Other

Trust is key in a strong marriage. You need to be able to trust your partner, and they need to be able to trust you. If something has happened to shake your trust, talk it out with your partner. It is important that you regain and maintain a trusting relationship with one another.

Be a Team

In a truly successful marriage, each spouse sees themselves as an equal member of a team. Work with your partner to make decisions together, rather than one person making a unilateral decision. Involve each in small decisions, such as where to go for dinner, as well as bigger decisions, such as whether you should accept a new job offer.

Stay Healthy Together

Find time to improve and maintain your health together. Exercise is important for our health, so work with your partner to exercise together. This might mean evening walks around the neighborhood or joining a local gym together. Working out together will also strengthen your bond, so it is a win-win.

Eating healthy meals is also important for maintaining a healthy weight and preventing some diseases. Work together to plan meals for your work. When possible, find time to cook healthy meals with each other too. When you are planning your meals, be sure to include plenty of vegetables and fruits, which are necessary components of healthy diets. Vegetables and fruits provide essential vitamins and nutrients to our bodies, so you’ll want to be sure to stock up on them when you head to the grocery store.

When choosing meats to incorporate into your meals, consider adding more fish and seafood since they are typically better for you than many meats. When you cook with beef, try to find leaner cuts that are not as fatty. Be cautious when you plan meals that contain pork. Whenever you plan to have pork with a meal, you will want to ensure that it is fully cooked. According to Dr. Jay Davidson from MicrobeFormulas.com, pork is a notorious source of parasites. Unless you eat it fully cooked, avoid it whenever you can. When you eat raw or undercooked pork that is infected with parasites, you could get an infection or even a fatal illness. People who eat pork infected with parasites most commonly experience symptoms such as nausea, pain in their abdomens, or fevers. To avoid these potential issues, always ensure that your pork is fully cooked.

When you and your spouse work together to exercise and plan healthy meals, it will help you bond. You will be working towards a common interest and helping each other achieve your goals of being healthy. Plus, being healthy will help you both live longer lives and be able to enjoy being married to one another for many more years.

Find Time for Fun

Finally, to keep your marriage strong and healthy it is important to find time to have fun together. Set aside time for date nights to rekindle that new romance feeling you felt on your first few dates. If you’re both home on a Saturday doing chores around the house, find time to laugh together. Bring up some inside jokes and enjoy each other’s company, even when doing a mundane task. Finding time to have fun and just enjoy one another will help deepen the bond with your spouse and strengthen your marriage.

Keeping your marriage strong is no easy accomplishment. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication from both partners. But, when you are your spouse are both fully committed and actively working towards a strong marriage, you will find that amazing things can happen.


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