6 Activities That You And Your Man Can Enjoy Together


You may not all be so lucky, but it’s always worth asking if your guy would rather do something you enjoy instead of sitting at home every night watching movies on his own. Maybe he’ll actually say yes. Just promise me one thing – no matter how many times he says ‘yes’ don’t ask him again next week!! Now, here are six things that you and your man can enjoy together.

Poker Night

A lot of people are surprised when they discover how much fun poker can be. It’s a game for all ages, and it doesn’t even have to involve money. You could play for matchsticks or anything else you fancy – the only rule is that there are no rules! If you have a competitive spirit, just pray the odds are in your favor in the pot. Which brings us to a frequently asked question; what are pot odds? Pot odds are the ratio of money in the pot to the cost of a bet. If you can make a bet that will likely win you more than you’ll invest then it’s worth making, otherwise, your hand is not strong enough, and it’s time to fold (folding means putting your cards face down on the table and giving up). A great place for poker nights is pub outdoor areas or loft apartment rooftops. You can play Texas Hold’em at home too, but you might have some trouble getting started if it’s just two of you. Poker night ideas usually involve betting against each other, so get creative with things like chores, drinks, or late-night snacks!

Going To The Gym

I know this sounds odd, but hear me out. There are so many reasons why men love working out – it releases endorphins, makes them feel good about themselves, and some even say they sleep better at night after a hard workout. I don’t know about all that, but what I do know is that your man will feel amazing after getting his blood pumping for an hour or two with some weight training, cardio or whatever activity takes his fancy. It doesn’t matter if it’s just you and him, if that’s all the motivation he needs, then fantastic. If he does want to train with a friend, then at least you know for sure that he’ll be going to the gym regularly, which is a major plus in anyone’s book!

Going To The Movies Together

There are so many movies out there – some good, some bad, but most have something to offer. They’re a great way to spend time together, and you never know what gem will come along. New movies come out all of the time, so take your pick from this week, or go back in time and watch an older favorite. Whatever movie you choose, seeing it up on the big screen gives it more meaning than when watching it at home. It’s a great way to enjoy your partner’s company, and you might even be able to talk him into buying the largest popcorn available.

Weekend Getaway

A weekend getaway is a great idea if one of you doesn’t live in the same area as the other. You could drive or fly, it’s up to you, but what’s important is that you spend some time together away from your usual environment. This will make things fresh and exciting again, give you a chance to start over and plan new adventures together, well at least until he starts thinking about his unfinished projects back home! Sometimes all we need is a little distance from our regular lives in order to appreciate those that are close by. Weekend getaways don’t have to be exotic or over the top, you could just stay in a local hotel or resort and keep each other company. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

Pool Time

Pool time doesn’t have to mean doing laps or treading water; playing games is lots of fun too, so grab some pool noodles and turn down the lights. You can enjoy some water volleyball or cool off with a game of Marco Polo (in the shallow end!). There are plenty of pool games out there, but you could always create your own if one doesn’t exist for what you want to play; make it fun and make it rain!

Karaoke Night

Here’s another activity that not everyone is fond of because let’s face it, karaoke isn’t for everyone. If you’re the type that loves getting up in front of people, then go for it! Turn up the volume and belt out your favorite tune – just don’t forget to warm up first. Karaoke bars are great for this sort of thing, but if you want to stay in, you can always download karaoke songs on your smartphone or tablet. You don’t need any extra equipment (unless you really want to) and it’s surprisingly good at capturing the heart of your true love!

Remember that you are unique, and your man is too. You know what makes him happy, he knows how to make you smile, so don’t hold back. Get into the habit of doing something different each day to keep things interesting – it doesn’t have to take over your life, but keeping the spark alive requires a little effort every now and then. Good luck!


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