5 Tips to Make Your Clip-Ins Last Longer


Hair extensions can help you to transform your look by giving you the added volume and length that your natural hair is lacking. Clip-in hair extensions are a pretty and quick alternative to getting sewed-in extensions, and they allow you much more by way of styling versatility.

Clip-ins can be set in place in almost no time at all, taking you from daytime casual to nighttime glam in a flash.

When you invest in beautiful quality clip-in hair extensions, you’ll want to do your part to ensure that they last for many great styles to come. These tips will help to ensure that your extensions last longer.

  1. Don’t wash your clip-ins too often, but do maintain them

Hair extensions require maintenance, and clip-in extensions are not excluded from needing maintenance. Washing them too often, however, can prove to be damaging and drying.

If you are not wearing your extensions on a daily basis, then there is no need to wash them excessively. Keep in mind that your extensions don’t have a natural oil source like your natural hair does. This means that the extensions will need to be hydrated and maintained in order to keep them healthy and looking their vibrant best.

According to the experts at Jadore Hair Supplies, extensions should be washed with shampoo and conditioner that is free from keratin, sulphate, alcohol and protein. Extensions should be treated with a hydrating mask routinely, and argan oil after each use.

  1. Don’t overuse your heated styling tools

While we can’t always keep out of the rain or avoid those humid summer days, it’s important to keep your clip-in extensions dry when you are able to. This can mean reaching for the blow dryer to keep your hair dry. An ionic dryer, on a low to medium heat setting, is the best way to minimize tangles, avoid over-drying and reducing the potential for damage to the extension.

Using straighteners or curling tools can leave your extensions looking frizzy and dull. If you’re looking to add curls or straighten your curls, consider purchasing clip-in extensions that are already in the style that you’re looking for. This will help to extend the life of your extensions and also give you more versatility in styling.

A conditioning spray can help to offer added protection to the extensions when used prior to using heat styling tools.

  1. Don’t use bleach on your extensions

It makes sense to match the color of your clip-in extensions to your natural hair color, but bleaching them to get a lighter shade is not likely to produce the results that you’re looking for. Bleaching your extensions is also one of the quickest ways to damage the extensions. Human hair clip-in extensions can be dyed to a darker color with a semi-permanent hair dye.

If you want to preserve the health of your extensions, it’s a good idea to head to a salon experienced with altering the color of extensions. Even with the experienced touch of a hair care professional, it’s still possible for the extensions to be damaged when altering the color. A much better approach is to purchase extensions as close to your preferred color as is possible.

  1. Store your clip-in extensions correctly

After a night out, it can be tempting to discard your clip-in extensions on your bathroom counter or your nightstand. While doing this once or twice won’t do much harm, the better you store your extensions after wearing them the longer they’ll last.

Brush your extensions after each use, using a boar bristle extension brush. You should brush gently and slowly, from the bottom up. Going slowly will help you to reduce breakage or loss of hair. Wrap a hair tie loosely around the ends of the extensions and store them away securely until you’re next ready to clip them in place. Keeping the box they arrived in can help you to ensure you have a safe spot for keeping your extensions protected when not worn.

  1. Proper care after water exposure

If you will be swimming, whether in the pool or in the ocean, you should be sure that you rinse your extensions completely as soon as you are able to. Chlorine won’t do your extensions any favors, and salt water can be just as destructive. Rinse with fresh water and dry your extensions with a low to medium heat setting on your blow dryer.

If you can avoid getting your hair wet when you go swimming, it’ll be ideal. You can wear your hair in a loose plait that’ll make it easy to rinse and dry after you’re out of the water.

When you take care of your hair extensions you’ll find that they retain their soft lustrous look and feel, and soon find that they last much longer when cared for properly. Be sure to read the care instructions that accompany each of your extensions so that you can ensure you’re taking the right steps to maintain the warranty on the extensions.


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