5 Simple Ways to Get CompTIA A+ Certification and How To Pass The 220-902?


Passing the professional certification exams is a matter of complication for every candidate. It’s not very easy to clear the professional CompTIA A+ certification exams. Also, it’s not that easy to search for good online study materials for the exam. The exam data that we get can be outdated and it is not worth spending money on the outdated data. Isn’t it? But we know there is always a hope. For passing the CompTIA A+ certification exam too, there are few tips listed below which the candidate can follow before going to write up the real exam. If a candidate goes through these tips listed below, he can be confident about his success in the CompTIA A+ certification exam.

Here are the tips: Read to know about them

1. YouTube

The youtube offers an enormous range of amazing free videos tutorials. For CompTIA A+ certification and its related exams, many experts release video content on a constant basis with the help of youtube and other sources. There are various informative youtube channels which are easily accessible over the internet to help students thoroughly prepare and learn their lessons for the CompTIA A+ Certification exams. The two good youtube channels to study from are the Professor Messer and Linus tech tips.

For preparing wisely for your CompTIA A+ 220-902 exams, all you have to do is you have to look for a good youtube channel, ask your queries to the creator of the channel, get engaged with the channel and study thoroughly from it. To study for the certification exam in-depth, the visual aspect is the best alternative.

2. Practice Tests

PrepAway offers a wide range of tests to help students clear the CompTIA A+ 220-902 exams. There is no better guide to study from than the practice tests. The practice tests make the student visualize the real exam scenario. What else does a candidate need? Isn’t it? The tests are created by the professionals in IT and are all verified. The accuracy, reliability, loyalty of these tests cannot be doubted in any case.

The students who took up the tests before the exam was not only able to clear the real exam but were also able to clear the exam with really high scores. The practice tests are the awesome study materials for the exam which enable a student to rush towards the success in their exams.

The tests are easily available in the readable format for the students and are a must take the test before the actual exams. Also, the tests are considered as a kind of revision material for the exams. After reading the practice tests, you’ll find yourself confident, happy and cheerful on the real exam day.

3. Search for A Local Mentor

No matter it is a certification exam or any other, possessing the foundational knowledge and knowing the basics of the exam is very important to clear it efficiently? Isn’t it? Most of the students, in hurry, to prepare for their exams overlook the basic details of the exam. And this is really not good. It then results in various sort of confusions and misunderstandings for the exam.

When the exam days come near, a student’s mind is all messed up and he is not perfectly ready for the exam. In order to save yourself from this hurdle, seek help from a local mentor of your neighboring information technology institute or college. Indulging in interactive communication about the CompTIA A+ 220-902 exams with the mentor, you’ll achieve broader vision on the exam and you’ll then be able to learn about the exam in-depth clearing all your basics for the exam.

In case you are unable to find out the mentor anywhere, seek the help of the internet. Sometimes in hesitation, you are unable to find good content over the internet. But if we see wisely and with patience, you can find a lot of good and quality content over the internet related to the CompTIA A+ 220-902 exam.

4. Select CompTIA A+ Certification Study Guide

When you decide to pass certification exams, there is no doubt you have to incur in huge costs. As a beginner, you really want to clear the certification exam with minimal costs involved. Isn’t it? Although there are many quality online study materials available for the students to study from the fact is when things are free no one pays complete attention.

So it’s better to buy CompTIA A+ study guide which will not only help you read all the syllabus for the exam but will also help you save your time and money. Getting the professional certification in hands is an achievement and an investment too. Prepare well for it and you’ll have unlimited employment opportunities waiting for you and that too with highest packages.

5. Read CompTIA A+ 220-902 Exam Objectives

Many students who pass the exam fail as they do not take out time to read the test objectives available for the exam. After reading the steps to follow to pass the exams from the computing technology industry association, a candidate can have a glimpse of what type of question paper he’ll get to attend. Every three years the tests are roughly updated so as to impart in students all the needed knowledge for the exam. You can pass the exam confidently if you go through all the objectives laid by the CompTIA.


Certification exams are tough, really very tough. But as we know that nothing is impossible, passing the CompTIA A+ certification is also possible and that too with ease. All you need to do is follow the ways to clear the exam mentioned above, and you’ll see yourself succeeding in the exam. With a bit of hard work, struggle, determination, and faith you can pass the exam. Have a firm control on your mind and soul and prepare for the certification exam step by step and wisely. Once you clear the exam, then heights await you!



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