5 Ideas For The Perfect Girls Night In


If your perfect evening of relaxation involves heading out to a bar, sinking a few cocktails and dancing the night away you’re unfortunately in the minority of people now. As costs rise and lifestyles change, fewer people are now going out with their friends, opting to host nights in with their friends instead.

If going out seems like too much effort and you want to save some money whilst having fun, read on to find out our 5 best activities for a girl’s night in.

Host A Wine Tasting

The average mark-up for a bottle of wine in a restaurant or bar is 300%, making your love of vino an expensive habit to have. If you’re looking for a great value on a bottle of wine then, fortunately, you can find it in most high-street shops.

If you’re tired of always going for the same bottle of wine or shopping in the slightly cheaper end of the market then why not organise a wine-tasting? If you and five friends agree to get together and treat your collective palate to a host of flavours you can try some amazing wine for next to nothing.

Get everyone to put £20 into a kitty (the average price of a good bottle of wine in a mid-priced restaurant)  and spend that money on 6 quality bottles of wine. Start with a low price point bottle and moved up incrementally so that the sixth bottle is a fine wine (something over the £20 mark.)

If you want to go the full distance with your wine tasting you can hire someone to come in and take you through the wines, but that will be a pricey option. Alternatively one of you can take responsibility for researching each bottle of wine and presenting the findings to your friend.

If that task falls to you, take care to cover acidity, body and flavour characteristics. A little history on the winery or the style wouldn’t go amiss either. A wine tasting is guaranteed fun and who knows, you and your friends might actually increase your wine knowledge and find a hidden gem.

The world of wine is a lot more accessible than many people would have you think, you can be an expert in no time.

Run a Poker Night

The classic card game has a bit of a reputation as a male-dominated pursuit, but don’t let that put you off. Some of the best players in the world are women and more and more females are starting to play poker recreationally both online and at land-based casinos.

Yet it needn’t just be a game to be played on the internet or at a glamorous casino, you can play it with your friends too. Most people play poker to win money, but that’s missing out on the main thing about the game which is fun.

Playing with your friends means you can set the limits and stakes yourselves so that no one takes the game too seriously, and no one argues over money. If you’ve never played poker before take some time to get to grips with poker terms, rules and a couple of strategies ahead of your very own poker night.

To add an extra dimension of fun you can replace financial stakes with your own dares or forfeits, just to break the tension and inject some hilarity into proceedings.

TV Club

Joining a book club remains one of the rites of passage of suburban life, but something is starting to change. People are beginning to ditch page-turners in favour of Netflix binges. Earlier this year new ITV boss Dame Carolyn McCall said that being well-watched is now more important than being well-read.

In years gone by people would sit around dinner tables and boast about the latest amazing book that they had read. Now the conversation is turning to TV shows, with audiences becoming increasingly absorbed by the engaging storylines of the latest TV releases.

Between you and your friends make a choice over what TV show you should all watch during the week. On Saturday all meet up at each other’s houses to discuss your joint thoughts on the show, much in the same way as a book club would discuss a novel.

Make sure you choose a TV show that will provoke conversation and challenge your thinking on certain topics. Avoid reality shows and instead, look for something like a gripping Scandinavian crime drama. 

Spa Night

For the same price as a wine tasting, you can hire the services of a personal spa specialist who will come to your home and treat you and your friends to some amazing spa treatments. Whether it be an independent supplier or one of the biggest beauty chains in the country, you can always find someone to provide home spa treatments.

Speak to your friends and work out what you treatments you want to go for, then download some relaxing music, light the scented candles and enjoy yourself!

Fire Up The Time Machine

Bars and clubs up and down the country are hosting 70s and 80s themed nights every single weekend, but what about the 90s? It seems not enough time has passed since the 90s for it to be considered the right decade for a retro night just yet, but that doesn’t have to stop you.

Come together with your friends and resolve to set the time machine to the 90s and relive some of your favourite memories from that awesome decade. Somewhere between the very back of your wardrobe and the gates to Narnia you’ll find some of the clothes you were rocking in that period.

Dust them off, peel away the cobwebs and put them on as you dance to Britpop and drink ice-cold bottles of Reef.


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