5 Alternatives to Claire’s


While the popular teen store Claire’s has been around for decades, it’s not always the first choice for teen girls and parents. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2018 and closed around 92 stores in the US and Puerto Rico, leaving many to wonder where they’d be getting their teen earrings and accessories in the future. As with any good free market, there is always another competitor to take up the mantle when a company goes under, and we’ve put together this list of five Claire’s alternatives for your consideration. Keep reading to learn about these great companies!

1. Hey Rowan

You’ve likely heard of earring subscriptions, but if not, we’re here to open your eyes to one of the newest and greatest accessories trends. If you’re looking for stylish, hypoallergenic, high-quality earrings for your teen or tween, look no further than HeyRowan.  

The company provides earring gift box subscriptions that you can order every month, with discounts for longer subscriptions up to twelve months. Inside each box, you’ll get a pair of stylish nickel-free earrings made from gold vermeil or sterling silver. With no harmful nickel present, you can be certain you’re only getting the highest quality products, and you’ll never have to worry about an allergic reaction.

HeyRowan offers free shipping in the US, and also has a great customer support team that’s dedicated to ensuring the best possible experience. If you’re not 100% happy with your purchase, HeyRowan will do their best to make it right. The earrings look pretty darn good, too! Try a gift box for earrings today and see why so many people love them.

2. Hot Topic 

Hot Topic has always been one of the best stores to find the latest alternative trends for teens, tweens, and even young adults. The store has everything you could ever need; from clothing to nick-nacks and collectibles to jewelry. Unlike other jewelry, Hot Topic includes pop-culture-themed items that your teen or tween girl will love. Whether she’s an Avengers fan, a Disney fan, or loves Anime, Hot Topic likely has what she’s looking for.

The store’s jewelry options have expanded over the years as well, including everything from earrings to necklaces and bracelets and even rings. Hot Topic’s website is a great place to shop, or you can find the physical store at most outlet malls throughout the country. Take your teen or tween on a shopping spree in this great alternative to Claire’s.

3. Sensitively Yours 

Sensitively Yours is an online marketplace dedicated to providing high-quality hypoallergenic earrings for people of all ages, but their children’s section is quite extensive and includes some great designs for your teen or tween. Every piece is made with care from high-quality, nickel-free alloys, and includes a price tag that you can be satisfied with. In fact, most of the jewelry is currently on sale, and the highest-priced piece on the site for kids is only $42!

With materials such as gold, stainless steel, sterling silver, and more, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Each earring is safe for those with nickel allergies, and although it’s priced cheaper than most competitors, Sensitively Yours still focuses on quality and customer service above all else. 

4. Etsy 

Etsy has become the go-to marketplace for all things hand-crafted, and has made a significant impact in the online retail world since its founding in 2005. With almost 15 years of service, the site has grown to include merchants, artisans, and craftsmen from all over the world. You can find just about anything on Etsy, including jewelry for teens and tweens. Every piece is crafted by an artisan with care and precision, and you can even search by specific metal or by hypoallergenic properties.

Whether you’re looking for your teen’s next pair of cute earrings or a charm bracelet, Etsy has it all! Try browsing today to discover all the incredible options this versatile site has to offer.

5. Love Ivy 

Love Ivy specializes in kids’ jewelry and makes for an excellent online alternative to stores like Claire’s. Everything from necklaces to bracelets and earrings is offered at LoveIvy.com, with almost 400 items currently on sale for the holidays. If you’re looking for well-priced, quality children’s jewelry, Love Ivy is the right choice.

Love Ivy also offers personalized jewelry for that extra personal touch to your gift. With a 30-day return policy, you’ll get your money back if your fickle teen doesn’t like what you’ve ordered. Not to mention, Love Ivy’s customer service staff are just a phone call away to answer any questions you may have about their policies, products, or the company itself.


While the future of Claire’s may be uncertain, one thing that’s set in stone is that there will always be someone else to take up the mantle. Each of these five alternatives offers similar products or services and boasts a commitment to quality and customer service. Good luck with your shopping!


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