155+ Realistic 3D Tattoo Designs to stay Unique


Tattoo design has been used for a very long time now, as a form of body art and art in general. But similar to pretty much all forms of art, this has also gone through dozens of phenomenal changes, since it has been modified thanks to plenty of advancements in technology.

Plenty of tattoo designs come in two-dimensional images. This means they’ll look flat on the wearer’s skin, without any added depth to them. The terms ‘three-dimensional tattoo’ or ‘3D tattoo’ do refer to the tattoos having a bit of oomph to them, in the form of a third dimensional vibe. A 3D tattoo can interact with the wearer’s skin and a person’s eyesight, giving it the illusion that it pops right above the skin or found within the body. Three-dimensional or 3D artworks are pretty much the brand new thing in regards to tattoo designs, since it contains amazing visual appeal and gives the look a fully realistic feel.

And in regards to adding in three-dimensional life into the wearer’s skin, it takes a seriously talented tattoo artist to complete everything. Of course having an amazing design also helps here, but to make it completely believable and appear practically lifelike is another story.

3D tattoos do remind certain people about the concept of Pop Art and going by this route, you’ll soon learn where this illusion all starts. Over time, style has since evolved into something known as Photorealism, but nowadays, it is simply known as 3D tattooing.

There’s actually a huge difference between other tattoos and 3D tattoos, and a 3D effect can give you a brand new look and feel to the tattoo design itself. But the final result of the 3D tattoo will ultimately depend on how talented your tattoo artist is, since it requires plenty of patience, skill, creativity and practice on their half, so they can do complete justice to the tattoo’s design.

In order to build a three-dimensional effect, a tattoo artist has to throw in some highlights towards the design. These are areas filled with shine, or ‘high lighting’. The artists use a bit of shading to build a fully rounded effect, while a shadow is added in for additional depth and distance in regards to the design.

Nowadays, everyone wants to have something unique about them that will surely catch people’s attention. So if they’re raring to impress many people with the help of body art, then 3D tattoos are the best bet. There are plenty of tattoo pictures out there, with most of them going viral thanks to the stunning designs. Some of the most popular tattoo designs include butterflies, stars, and scorpions. You can do these 3D tattoos on practically any part of the body, such as the shoulders, the back, the arm, and the wrists, among others. And after the 3D tattoo is complete, they look really amazing. Plenty of three-dimensional tattoo designs out there, such as tribal designs, rose designs, dragon designs, or even superhero tattoos like Spiderman, Batman, and Superman are all highly popular among tattoo fans. Plenty of people do get a tattoo to express what they really feel about something, as well as to show off a certain facet of their personality.


3D Tattoo Designs                                             

A 3D tattoo allows you to give yourself perhaps the ultimate perception test – And not only are these types of tattoos very inspiring to look at, they can also play tricks on your mind as well.

In regards to throwing in 3D life right into your own skin, you will need a cool design, as well as a very, very skilled tattoo artist for that. Of course a good tattoo design is always nice to look at, but to add even just the tiniest amount of detail and make it seem lifelike is yet another story.

With these tattoos, you can take a lengthy trip right back to the times of Pop Art, in which you’ll get to learn more about where 3D tattoos originated. 3D paintings were originally referred to as Photorealism, but nowadays, they’re mostly called by what it is – 3D art. No matter what its real definition may be, these types of artwork – Tattoos and paintings alike – Will surely capture your attention, and change your depth perception.

  • 3D Black Lace Ribbon Tattoo: 3D tattoos of black lace ribbons are actually a type of two-dimensional image that provides you with a three-dimensional optical illusion, especially when placed on the human body. A piece of art comprised of 3D graphics can actually be made easily using 3D computer techniques. Meanwhile, 3D tattoos completely rely on the artist’s own skill.
  • 3D Broken Heart Tattoo: This is a very stunning 3D tattoo idea. You can also utilize bright colors for this type of 3D tattoo. And once it has been combined alongside a brilliant 3D design, the final result will always look incredible. In this tattoo, the wearer’s skin is portrayed as having a texture similar to paper. A heart is etched from the wearer’s own skin to bring out some writings that are seemingly drawn onto the flesh.
  • 3D Newspaper Tearing Tattoo: A tattoo is a type of body art and are meant to give its wearer a signature printing. This type of three-dimensional tattoo artwork is not just new, but highly innovative as well. The design of the newspaper makes the ink look lifelike and completely realistic. A great 3D tattoo idea is to tattoo the image of a piece of skin being torn off and showing off newspaper fragments or clippings inside it.
  • 3D Skin Tear Tattoo: The skin is the protective layer of the body which covers up the organs and the muscles. As a 3D tattoo design, you can ink the insides and the muscles of the human body on top of your skin. Your artist can give this tattoo a creative 3D spin by enclosing the muscles inside an opening zip-like design. A truly amazing and shocking 3D tattoo.
  • 3D Chinese Scroll Tattoo: You can tattoo a Chinese scroll on your body and give it a 3D look by, once again, providing the illusion that the skin is peeling off. You can inscribe an important word, message, or the name of someone special to you inside the scroll. You can also add in some colors there if you want, even though grey and black are the best colors to use here, since they create a stone-like effect.

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3D Tattoo Meaning

A three-dimensional image is a piece of artwork that contains plenty of depth, height, and width. For example, the Earth is a three-dimensional shape: A sphere. This is also the reason why 3D tattoos are a completely realistic form of body art that only the most talented tattoo artists can create. 3D tattoo-making requires plenty of practice and perception. If done correctly, it’ll look like a piece of artwork itself.

Tattoos have long been utilized as a type of body adornment. But much like plenty of other artforms out there, this one has also gone through several changes, all thanks to creativity and technological progress. Three-dimensional tattoos are touted as the next big thing in tattoo design, and it also provides the wearer with a strong visual appeal then gives it a realistic touch. There’s actually a big difference in regards to 3D tattoos as well as other accompanying tattoos. The three-dimensional art can give your tattoo a much better look. But the final result of a 3D tattoo will all depend on the skill level of the artist you have chosen, since it does require plenty of creativity, not to mention practice, to do complete justice to the look of the tattoo.

If you love wearing tattoo art but want something that’s beyond the usual design, then 3D tattoos are perfect for you. However, the amount of pain, time, and money that is involved with these particular tattoos makes it crucial for you to pick the design that you really want, and hire an expert to do it on your body. A 3D tattoo is all about visual appeal, compared to regular tattoos that are all about symbolism and a personal meaning to the wearer. This is why 3D tattoos are so popular among young people these days.

A 3D tattoo doesn’t have to be fully photorealistic. Just as long as the shading, lighting, and shadows of the design are realistic, you can use a cartoon or a picture of an object as an inspiration for the design. You can also use this 3D effect in artistic tattoos, to provide a seemingly sketched design combined with the look of a painted tattoo design or being shaded with a pencil, while the shadows are added in using a paint brush.

3D Tattoo Placement

One of the most important aspects of three-dimensional tattooing, apart from picking which design suits you most, is the correct positioning. Basically, the best spot to put a tattoo on will be determined by its overall size. Bigger tattoos look amazing on an equally huge surface – Such as the sleeves, the stomach, the chest, the back, the ribs, the thighs, the shoulder, and the legs. Meanwhile, a tattoo with a smaller and delicate design to it looks good on a smaller area, such as the neck, the legs, the wrists, the ankles, the back of the ear, the spine, and the fingers. The main point with a tattoo is to capture people’s attention, no matter if it’s a small or huge one. It should be eye-catching enough to bring out the true feelings and attitude of the wearer about something.

A three-dimensional tattoo is vastly different compared to other tattoos, solely because of the fact that they look pretty realistic. This is the reason why women and men from all across the globe want to get a tattoo on their body. A tattoo can capture people’s attention, especially if it bears an eye-catching design. They look amazing no matter which spot you decide to put them in, whether it’s on the back, the chest, the arms, the wrists, the legs, among others. A couple of these designs are highly appealing, even though some might seem a bit frightening, like a skeleton or a 3D spider.

3D Tattoo Preparation Tips

No matter if it’s your first time getting inked, or if you’re just adding a new one to the arsenal, then there’s a possibility that you can always do more to ready yourself for an upcoming session. These are the tips you can do to learn how to ready yourself for a tattoo session, and make it as comfortable as possible.

Always keep yourself hydrated on the day before the session happens. Even though it’s always a good idea to drink plenty of water for good health and maintain proper bodily functions, it’s twice as important whenever you get yourself a tattoo done.

And similar to keeping yourself hydrated on the inside by drinking water, you can also keep the outside of your skin hydrated too with the help of moisturizer. Put lotion on your skin at least twice per day, especially during the week leading up to your tattoo session. Keeping your skin moisturized is an important measure to take, since it makes the entire task seem so much easier for your artist, as well as yourself. Don’t apply lotion a few hours right before the tattoo session happens, since this can affect how the machine works.

Exfoliating your skin the day before the session is also recommended. Use a loofah and gently rub it against the skin, so you won’t end up irritating it.

Is A 3D Tattoo Painful?

Getting a tattoo will definitely hurt whether you like it or not. There’s just no way to go around that. But there are still several parts of the body that might seem a bit more sensitive compared to the rest. As a general rule, if you’re sensitive or even just a tiny bit ticklish in that particular area, then getting a tattoo done there will hurt pretty badly.

A tattoo gun needs to inject that ink deep enough so it won’t get rinsed away by water, but not too deep that other people won’t be able to see it, or have it pass through your bloodstream. The perfect location of a tattoo will end up being right beside your skin’s own pain receptors. And since plenty of tattoo artists out there will create a tattoo using a mechanical object that pushes a needle deep inside the top layer of your skin over 80 to 150 times per second, it’s not hard to see why a tattoo has managed to give itself a painful reputation. There are still several brave people out there who have endured the pain of getting a tattoo, for the sake of decorating their bodies with permanent ink.

Frequently Asked Questions About 3D Tattoos

  • How can I design my own tattoo?

If you’re very creative in regards to tattoo designing, then allow yourself to sketch whatever design comes to your mind, and let your artwork come to life through a tattoo. Maybe a simple cross could benefit your realistic flower designs? Or a plain black tribal piece can be enhanced using several rainbow colors. Instead of choosing the traditional old school tattoo designs, maybe you can be creative and come up with your own? Even if your talent lies in other areas and you don’t consider yourself creative in the arts, you can still incorporate all of your ideas into a singular piece. Look for potential tattoo ideas through images and consider the colors you want to use. Combine two or more of your beloved tattoo designs together and think about how it’s going to look great on your body. If you can, write down your ideas on a journal and begin putting them together one by one.

  • Where do I place my first 3D tattoo?

First off, a tattoo has to be placed in a part of the body you can look at practically every day, since this allows you to truly appreciate the fact that you finally got a tattoo done. There are people out there who choose to get themselves a smaller tattoo as their first, while others are just way too excited and opt to get bigger pieces. A huge trend in the present-day tattoo industry has got to be bigger pieces, even if this is the wearer’s first tattoo. There’s actually a good reason why they do this: Bigger tattoos, which are obviously much more prominent, can also make a huge visual statement. So if you have plans to get yourself a tattoo, you could choose to pick a big and detailed design, instead of an assortment of smaller tattoos.

  • Is tattoo ink regulated?

The pigments and inks regularly utilized for tattoos are all subject to regulation by the FDA, placing them under the category of cosmetics and color additives. The official FDA website has mentioned that thanks to a previous lack of evidence of safety concerns, the FDA has not traditionally regulated tattoo inks or the pigments used in them. In fact, they have managed to acquire dozens of reports regarding horrible skin reactions to tattoo inks after the client has left the shop, or even years after they got the tattoo. The most common side effects include inflamed skin, or itchiness in the skin surrounding the tattoo, especially during the summer season when everyone’s out there enjoying the sun. And research has also found that tattoos can also remodel the collagen in a person’s body, which is meant to be a person’s connective tissue.

  • What kinds of reactions have been seen with tattoos?

You might spot a rash – Bumps, or redness, in the space surrounding your tattoo. There might be instances where you even develop a fever. A serious infection could send you to the hospital for months of treatment, requiring you to take plenty of medicine. Some of the more aggressive symptoms of a tattoo reaction are chills, shaking, high fever, and sweats. Should you experience any of these symptoms after getting a tattoo, you might have to take antibiotics, go to the hospital, or worse, require surgery. Your doctor or any other health care professional will decide what to do with your condition.

If you’re facing an allergic reaction to your tattoo, then the exact cause why it happened could be difficult to determine. You could get an allergic reaction to the pigmentation used. Pigment is an ingredient that adds color into the tattoo ink. Another possible cause is the diluent, or the liquid which is used to dilute the ink’s pigments. You could also have an allergic reaction to a contaminant which managed to get itself into the ink as it was being manufactured by the company.

How Much Does A 3D Tattoo Cost?

It’s highly important to think about the final price of your tattoo. Not doing exactly that could end up in a tattoo that you need to scale back in order to completely suit your budget – And this is one of the main reasons why some people aren’t happy with the final outcome of their new ink. An important aspect that drives up the cost is the detailing that goes into the design. The bigger the amount of detail you want to include in the tattoo, like a 3D tattoo for instance, the longer it’ll take for the artist to get it done correctly. Plenty of tattoo designs that are bigger than a dime could take around an hour to complete. On the average, plenty of tattoos out there are finished within three to five hours. If the artist asks you to come back for a second session, then it’ll take more time for them to complete the design. Always ask your trusted artist for a time estimate, before you can push through with the appointment.

One of the most important things that can drive up the cost of your tattoo is the detail. The bigger the amount of detail you want to include inside your body ink, like a 3D tattoo for example, do take a long while to get it right. In general, plenty of tattoo designs out there are actually much bigger than a quarter will take at least an hour to complete. And on average, a lot of tattoo designs are completed in three to five hours. So if you need to come back to the shop for another session, then this will definitely take more time. Don’t forget to ask your artist for a time estimation for the tattoo design, before you can get it done.

A tattoo artist always sets their own rules and guidelines when it comes to setting a price for their artwork. This is actually a great thing.

3D Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Long-term care for your brand new ink is always highly important, so it’ll look as shiny and good as new as if you just got it done one week ago. Unfortunately, not a lot of people think too much about tattoo maintenance. Here are several ways to make sure your tattoo stays nice after you get it done, so it’ll last for many years.

To avoid any form of infection – Especially after the tattoo is still so fresh, it’s always an important thing to keep your hands clean and dry each time you come into contact with it. And as you collect bacteria on your hands throughout the entire day, this means that you shouldn’t touch your fresh ink with them, no matter how itchy and irritating it gets while it’s still healing. The tattoo is pretty much an open wound when it’s done – It may look gorgeous, but it’s still technically prone to infections. Cleaning it using a mild, anti-bacterial liquid soap is the best way to keep your ink looking as good as possible.

It’s also obvious that you would want to keep yourself hydrated before and during a tattoo session. A person’s skin is the biggest part of the body, so chugging down enough water will keep it fresh and hydrated. If you do drink the recommended eight glasses a day, you’ll get plenty of positive effects on how your tattoo is supposed to look like as it ages and heals up.

Plenty of tattoos do contain scents and chemicals which could lead to an irritation, or worse, an infection. The skin cells where the ink and pigmentation reside in slightly shift, which creates blurriness. And when your skin is too dry, the amount of dead skin cells increase and make your tattoo look faded or blurred out. This is the reason why keeping your skin supple and smooth is always important. Plenty of tattoo artists do suggest using unscented lotion to keep your skin moisturized. Meanwhile, others recommend tattoo aftercare creams – However, this isn’t the best option for beginners and must only be used after you have completely washed your new ink.


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