125+ 50s Hairstyles: Get the Hollywood Glamor Look


The 50s is a long gone era but it still continues to influence our lives till today, thanks to historical milestones, and Hollywood stars with their 50s hairstyles. At the time, mass media, including movies, commercials, magazines, and television were making big strides in influencing the lives of people, which were looking for quality life including entertainment. It was a perfect era for stars like Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren and many others to shine brightly and capture the imagination of a public longing for idols to look up to. Even the stars’ hairstyles became a public obsession. The sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe, became extremely popular with substantial help from her trademark hairstyle. Politicians even used the influences of these Hollywood stars with iconic 50s hairstyles to further their cause. While the political and social arenas were bursting with activity, the hairstyle scene was also undergoing vigorous experimentation that produced the iconic retro hairstyles we now enjoy.

The 1950s is considered a classical and romantic period in the annals of hairstyling. Today, the era serves as inspiration and a form of fashion statement to ladies with deep appreciation for history and retro hairstyles. These ladies adore bygone sex goddesses with impeccable hair ranging from pixies to huge curls. These icons may not have lived to this day, but ladies who value great hairstyles will never forget them nor take them for granted.

Little Known Facts about 50s Hairstyles

  • Continuing on from the hard times of World War II and rationing, the 50s provided for prosperity and hope of a good life. Disposable income became available, and with mass media encouraging consumption, people spend money to make them beautiful, including spending money for the hair, their crowning glory.
  • The main sources of hairstyle influences were mostly the Hollywood stars and famous personalities that had strong presence and visibility, thanks to mass media that developed into a new industry altogether promoting Hollywood and its stars.
  • Jackie Kennedy made the beehive hairstyle a staple cut during the 1950s.
  • Lucille Ball popularized the poodle hairstyle.
  • During the 50’s Audrey Hepburn practically single handedly brought the pixie haircut with short bands into a staple hairstyle.
  • Ava Gardner gave the 50s short and curly hairstyle the attention it deserves.
  • Bettie Page became iconic with her hairstyle with inward curled bangs.
  • Dorothy Dandridge turned the curled cropped into a highly accepted hairstyle.
  • The 50’s icon and sex goddess Elizabeth Taylor made sure that people will always remember her for her short and curly hairstyle.
  • Grace Kelly was the perfect hair model for sophisticated waves of the 50s.
  • Sex siren Monroe became famous posing for photographers while wearing medium-length curls.
  • Natalie Wood, a famous 50’s star, has a signature hairstyle that had a simple combing back of her hair.
  • Sophia Loren gave the short hairstyle a shot while another Italian star, Gina Lolobrigida, sculptured her head with a short shaggy hairstyle. There was a point in the 50’s where Americans were enamored by the Italian way of living that showed clearly in their choice of hairstyle. The 50s poodle hairstyle even got its name from the curly haired French poodle dog!
  • Curly and wavy hair was the “in thing” in the 50s era and women use rollers to curl their hair.
  • The scarf was a highly utilized hair accessory of the 50s which was useful in preventing hair from being blown out by the wind.
  • The modern bouffant originated in the mid-50s, and so with the beehive hair arrangement that is made of piled up hair on top of the head.

Feed on Ultimate Glamour with these 50’s Hairstyles

Why is it that when we speak of glamour, the 50’s era with glamorous sex goddesses immediately comes to mind? It must be a striking coincidence that the movie stars at the time were a bunch of specially created super humans with impeccable beauty and oozing glamorous charm. The following 50’s hairstyles list comprises tributes to stars that popularized the hairdo as well as those that represented the iconic styles at the time:

  1. Short Curled Hair

Marilyn Monroe continues to live in the hearts of her admirers both of her era and the next generations after that. And in the hairstyle department, women are still enamored with her looks and signature hairstyle, which are staple feature as of any vintage motif activity, whether it be a photo shoot, fashion editorial, costume party, special programs and events and many more. The 50’s hairstyle with short cut, tight curls, and signature blonde color does not show a sign of slowing lest dying. Prepare your heated rollers and hairspray if ever you wish to try Marilyn’s super glamorous short curled hair.

  1. Wavy Micro Bangs

Summarizing the 50’s era would not be complete without mentioning the charming Aubrey Hepburn and her signature pixie with wavy micro bangs. Not surprisingly, her iconic stresses still remain relevant till today and ladies still love wearing them. In contemporary times however, the styling emphasizes the wavy locks that add texture and definition.

  1. Wavy Hair with Side Sweep

Recreate the heydays of the 50’s with this flattering side parted hairstyle. The parting should really be deep on one side of the face and all the hair should be swept to the opposite side, creating the look that represented the 50’s era. To complete the look, add some waves to the remaining tresses and secure them in place with decorative jewels.

  1. Glamorous Locks

The look of undulating waves in women’s hair was prevalent in the 50’s era, but in any era for that matter, the look clearly spells glamor. The shoulder-length hair has a dramatic deep side parting. The hair at the larger side flows down frontally with the waves, while the rest of the hair flows downwards at the back. If Hollywood was not spared of the hairstyle, so too are the fashionable woman of all eras, who love to feel glamorous inside and out. To create the waves, use hot rollers and then gently brush out your hair.  Hold it in place with serum, which should also give some impressive shine. Lovely earrings at the exposed ear will definitely fit well with this hairstyle.

  1. Long Fiery Waves with Double Quiffs

There are many known long hairstyles in the 1950’s, some with similar looks, others with slight differences. But the common denomination with all of them clearly share points to glamorous touch and wavy locks. This retro glam hairstyle sets itself apart with the added double quiff on both sides of the crown, combined with half-up, half-down hair configuration. If you sport this today and wear 50’s outfit, you might confuse onlookers what era they are in at that instance.

  1. Elegant Updo with Pin Curls

This is an intricate updo that even women in the 50’s reserve it only for those moments when they feel like it, rather than classifying it as a staple hairstyle. Just imagine the complicated uneven-sized pin curls that fill the back of the head from below the nape all the way up to below the crown. But if you nail this hairstyle, the reward of ownership pride that comes with flawless and polished pin curls more than compensates for the hard work of installing it.

  1. False Bangs

For those who do not belong to the era, 50’s hairstyles exude an air of grandiose and immediately discourage you to try them out for fear of difficulty in installing. The faux or false bangs hairstyle is an illustrative example of the dilemma. In reality though, the installation is far easier than it seems: simply join your hair into a low bun, creating a loose large section in front that is perfect for your bangs. Afterwards, fold the front section of hair underneath itself to a faux fringe, making sure to secure it discreetly. The final touch that adds naturalness and lightness requires you to use a headband or bandana for ultimate retro looks.

  1. The Undying Victory Rolls

There must be something about this hairstyle that transcended its popularity from the 1940’s to emerge 10 years later, as a favorite iconic go-to hairstyle of the 1950’s. The voluminous curls of hair frame the face of contended wearers while the wavy to curly hair locks at the end of the shoulder-length hair add to the charm and allure.  Today, the hairstyle remains relevant for nostalgic reasons, although the practical use is suspect.

Easy Tutorials that will Give You no Trouble with 50s Hairstyles

  1. How to imitate Marilyn Monroe’s hairstyle

Perhaps the personality needs no introduction. Everyone knows this iconic sex goddess of the 50’s. You can just imitate her hairstyle following these steps:

Step 1: Prepare the things you need: hairspray, mousse, set of hot rollers, brush and a comb.

Step 2: Shampoo and condition your hair. Rinse thoroughly and leave them still damp for the next step.

Step 3: Gently apply mousse to your hair, spreading it out evenly but with emphasis on the hair roots. This gives additional volume to the hair and eases up the hair roots. After the application, blow-dry your hair.

Step 4: Start rolling your hair in hot rollers, after it has dried from the previous step.

Step 5: Use only small rollers on the perimeter of your hair. This is important to create the authenticity of Marilyn’s hairstyle.

Step 6: For the top of your head, emulate Marilyn by using large rollers, and the rest of the hair will be good with medium rollers. Allow all the rollers to cool.

Step 7: Finally, brush your hair and use a comb for additional height.

  1. How to do the victory rolls tutorial

This hairstyle is associated with the 50’s even if it appeared as early as the 40’s. It is applicable to short and medium hair, with lengths reaching up to the jaw and longer.

Step 1: Shampoo your hair and apply conditioner in preparation for finger curling. Be sure to thoroughly rinse and dry your hair.

Step 2: From the top of the head, all the way to behind the ear, divide the front hair into two equal sections.

Step 3: Using a comb, raise the hair up and towards the back.

Step 4: Wrap one section of hair around your thumb from the scalp down to the hair ends, as if you are curling the entire hair section.

Step 5: Gently remove the curl formed in your thumb and place it flat against your head.

Step 6: To secure the curl against the head, stick a pin all the way down inside the ridge of the curl laid on your head.

Step 7: Pull up the outside ridge of the curl and with your dexterous fingers, shape the roll to the vertical arrangement that characterizes the hairstyle. Discreetly add more pins to hold the shape. Use a comb to carefully smooth the front of the roll.

Step 8: Do the same curling and shape forming with the other side of the hair.

Step 9:  Finish off with spritz of hairspray for more hold and additional shine.

50s Hairstyles that are Relevant this Year to Fashion Editorials and Prom Nights 

The allure of the 50s hairstyles never ceases, and the anticipation adds to the excitement of seeing the hairstyles come to life again. Young ladies organize themed parties with the 50’s look, prom nights become unique with retro copycats, fashion editorials prepare big budgets to have nostalgic photo shoots, all aimed at filling the desire to relive the 50’s hairstyles. Take a look at the following hairstyles that will come back this year from a bygone era:

  1. Elizabeth Taylor’s Dark Brunette Curls

They say that Elizabeth Taylor is irreplaceable, one of a kind and the ultimate. Her acting career, love life, hairstyle, life story and just all about her are surrounded by controversies. But, in the end, she is victorious.

Hollywood, glamor, and Elizabeth Taylor form a triumvirate that is inseparable. Hollywood has never seen flicked dark brunette curled hairstyle as perfect as when Elizabeth wore it. Today, contests are even held to search for the best Taylor copycat and no trivia conversation about the 50’s would be complete without mentioning her name.

  1. Queen of Hollywood Waves Hairstyle

In her time, the 40’s and 50s, Veronica Lake was considered as the queen of Hollywood waves. Her hairstyle was not only characterized by the waves but also with tonging spirals all over the locks. That was several decades ago, and today the romantic hairstyle remains relevant in prom nights where the hairdo is still a hit. Beautiful faces of young sweethearts levels up with the clever face-framing capability of the hairstyle.

Celebrities with Convincing Retro 50s Hairstyles

They are called modern day goddesses, so they must have a point of comparison in the past, particularly in the 50’s when Hollywood stars loom as larger than life goddesses. Whatever their reasons are for wearing the retro looks, whether nostalgic, paying tribute or simply for fun, these modern day celebrities are convincing emulators of their predecessors while paying tribute to them. The retro wearers are the reasons why the 50s hairstyles continue to live on.

  1. Gwen Stefani

This versatile American singer, songwriter, fashion designer, actress and television personality is Gwen Renee Stefani in real life. Before becoming a three-time Grammy Awards winner, Gwen was a co-founder and lead vocalist of the band No Doubt, which was highly successful with their breakthrough album Tragic Kingdom (1995) and singles that included “Just a Girl”, “Don’t Speak”, “Hey Baby” and “It’s My Life”. She became a solo artist afterwards, and a very successful one, until her third solo album This Is What the Truth Feels Like, in 2016 reached the coveted Billboard 200 chart. She continued on until her total Grammy Awards reached three and was also awarded with the American Music Award, World Music Award and the Billboard Music Awards. In 2012 VH1 ranked her as 13th “100 Greatest Women in Music”, a fitting tribute to her talent and hard work.

In her many public appearances, she sported a chin-grazing bob, and platinum blonde hair with glamorous curls. No one needs to be a 50’s trivia expert to recognize her strong similarity to Marilyn Monroe’s looks. She imbibed the Monroe look outside and deep inside her that she looked very convincing and almost completely natural with the hairstyle.

  1. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer is an American actress whose influence is beyond the sphere of acting alone but also encompasses the community in general including those organizations that deal with social issues including feminism and gender equality. In terms of her acting career, she had already reached the pinnacle of acting by bagging the Academy Award for Best Actress, making her the second-youngest winner of the award, the BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role and also the prestigious Golden Globe Awards.  Outside acting, she founded the Jennifer Lawrence Foundation, a staunch supporter of various charitable institutions. Her contributions to the community and celebrity status did not go unnoticed as she was chosen Time’s 100 most influential people in the world and Forbes Celebrity 100 in 2014 and 2016.

For Jennifer, there is a day for work and a hair day. And like her boldness in real life, she is not afraid to experiment with different hairstyles, including 50s hairstyles and is ready to take the risks as well as the rewards. Jennifer’s heavy side parted, chin length hair with soft waves earned her the tag modern day goddess because it brought back the memories of 50’s Hollywood icon Greta Garbo. Greta might be more intimidating than Jennifer because of her status, but Jennifer held her on grounds in justifying the hairstyle, even if her pretty face may get some of the attention.


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