155 Cute Short Layered Haircuts (with Tutorial)


Since most women, like you, have traditionally worn the long hair out of conformation, convenience, and as a form of habit, the fear of wearing short layered haircuts is always at the back of their minds. Fairly enough, once it has been cut short, there is no way to revert back the long natural hair to its original length and appearance. However, incorrectly assuming that short layered cuts are doomed to fail even before trying them at all is a false and counter-productive overreaction. With careful investigation and research though, they should surely find many styles that can fit to their appearances and personalities because of the almost unlimited style options available with short layered haircuts.

The mere fact that short layered hair is not common and anti-girlie, sporting them immediately exudes an air of edginess and fashionableness. It is not strictly a novelty, but the curiosity among onlookers is just as intense. Some of the hairstyles even stay long to become classics.

If you are blindly biased towards long hair, you may be sorely missing out on the tremendous benefits of short haircuts. The obvious lightness and low maintenance is a given, but there are still several reasons to favor the short layered haircuts.

  • Popularly known as Johnny for male and pixie for female, the short layered haircut is a variant of the more general short haircut, an almost shredded cut with modern appeal and makes the face look longer.
  • From the sassy to chic looks, short layered haircuts not only invaded teens and working women, but Hollywood and fashion celebrities.
  • The short haircuts are comfortable, light and easy to maintain.
  • There are tons of short layered haircuts with various variants available. The choppy pixie does wonder in making you look young, the messy bedhead look is edgy, a classic bob is flattering to most face shapes, and there are many more styles to choose from.
  • Using a finisher lotion enhances the beauty of cutting layers.
  • Pixie haircuts look gorgeous on round face because they tame roundness, while emphasizing the eyes and cheekbones of the wearer. Heart shaped, oval and square faces also benefit from short layered haircuts. Edgier or asymmetrical short layered hair suits best women with oval-shaped faces.

Short Layered Haircuts to Watch Out for in 2017

Short layered haircuts may come in many styles, but the chic and sassy look always shows up in any of the variants. Perhaps the surprise of seeing a presumed masculine short cut instead of the girlie long cut is jarring, or viewing feminine bouncy waves incorporated to the short is intriguing, are enough to evaluate the hairstyle as chic. But, so much for the argument, but instead feast on the following short layered haircuts.

  1. Short Layered Bob

The distinct feature of this short haircut is the many different layers incorporated to the hairstyle. The layers, which can be colored or highlighted, create a full look to the short bob. While the addition of textures that comes from the layers gives the complexity and style, it is still the basic cut that holds the hairstyle. The use of gel and a blower can substantially improve the looks.

  1. Hip and Edgy Spiky Short Layered Hairstyle

To really go to extremes, consider trying out a spiky appearance to go with your short layered hair. The clever layering effect of short hair at the bottom and long hair, ready for spiking at the top, provides the artistic opportunity to make the hairstyle hip and edgy. Since this is still basically a short hair, the styling is uncomplicated with easy maintenance using only styling gel and spiking glue. The sharp spike structure provides a thinner look to the face that many women look for.

  1. Short Layered Hair with Longer Front

One of the short layer haircuts that soar in popularity this year makes use of longer front compared to the back. The longer front layers provide a strong framing device to the face while adding substantial fullness. The easy-to-maintain short back-hair layers provide the sleek looks. No wonder, women who are conscious of emphasizing their faces, prefer this hairstyle.

  1. Short Layered Hair with Long Bang

Would you believe that the underestimated bangs could single-handedly carry a short layered cut? This is possible because forward swept bangs that emphasize the face are hard to ignore and could effectively highlight a short bob. The classy looking back hair complements and plays second fiddle only to the bangs. Mary Blige is a perfect example of a highly visible personality to sport this hairstyle.

  1. Short Layered Curly Hair

Even the lack of length does not prevent women with short hair to have curly locks. Some short haired women even have naturally curly or wavy hair to begin with, while others only manipulate their hair to appear curly. Still, others with long straight hair have to exert tedious effort in cutting their hair short before curling them. Maybe the joy of a bouncy, energetic and light-to-wear short layered curly hair is truly irresistible.

  1. Short Haircut with Flipped Out Layers

The unusual and fun thing about this hairstyle is that you can flip out or flip the layers under depending on your mood but the over-all effect is youthful-looking. Really short haircuts would just probably need three layers. You can also take the top layer and curl it under or cut in the opposite direction to create unusual looks.

  1. Short Hair with Blunt Layers

Blunt layer refers to harshly cut hair layers. The resulting haircut is similar to a bedhead or messy hair look. This style is not for everyone but will fit perfectly to edgy and hip personalities with the right amount of sexiness. Eyebrow length bangs with blunt cutting simply heighten the edgy feel to the hairstyle.

  1. Straight Hair Ombre with Short Layers

The Ombre is one of the best ways to combine colors with synergistic effect. The red and blonde colors of this hairstyle could not be as effective if they were applied separately. While the Ombre in this hairstyle is considered to be subtle, there still exists a super sweet, warm blend of strawberry to blond hues graduation. The layers may be short but they have enough thickness and bounce to bring the impressive bump in volume. It is uncommon to see perfectly straightened hair with short layered cuts but it is also hard to argue with the success of this lovely hairstyle.

  1. Elevated Pixie with Short Layers

This is a clever and creative modification of the classic bob, with pretty ringlets surrounding the face for a strong framing action. The simplified center passing does an excellent job of allowing hair to cascade down naturally. For a short layered haircut, the effect is beneficial, since the way the cascades of hair fall gives an illusion that the hair is substantially longer than the actual length. This is pretty hairstyle to get above the shoulders, without having to commit directly into a layered cut with short hair.

  1. Chin-length Pixie with Short Layers

This hairstyle has the features of a classic bob, except that besides being pretty, the deep red color and bottom manipulations bring out an unmistakable edginess, distinct only to the hairstyle. The bottom layers are straightened to contrast aesthetically to the slightly curled top layer. These are some of the clever tweaks that the short layered haircuts are capable of. In the end, we obtain a hip and lovely hairstyle with juxtaposing top and bottom layers adding sweet sassiness beyond basic classic bob.

Easy to Follow Short Layered Haircuts Tutorials

  1. Step-by-Step Short Layered Hair Curling

Curling the short hair is possible if you put your mind and efforts to it. You will get your reward with bouncy curls that look so natural.

Step 1: Prepare your short hair for curling. Be sure to have a clean and dry hair before curling. It is also more favorable to start with a natural straight hair, and to straighten with a flat iron the hair that has waves or curls. Add a tiny bit of styling gel or wax to help set your style. Also spritz the hair with heat protection spray.

Step 2: Section your hair. With the aid of a comb, separate your hair into two layers, top and bottom. Secure the top layer with large salon clips so that you can work with the bottom with ease. Also set aside the bangs so that they do not get included in the next step, curling.

Step 3: Start curling: Beginning at the front, pick up a small section of hair and wrap it around the curling iron while holding the iron away from the face at a safe distance. The wider the section hair the bigger the curls will turn out to be.

Step 4: Stop the curling at the ends so that they are straight at that part. Leaving the ends straight provides more hair length and prevents the curls from sticking out of your head.

Step 5: Hold the hair for a few seconds to complete the curling. For loose waves, 5 seconds is enough while tighter ringlets may require about 10 seconds. The moment you release the curling iron, spritz the hair lightly with a hairspray. Too tight curling should be relaxed for a few minutes before applying a hairspray.

Step 6: Once you curled all the bottom section, move up to the top section. If you want a less structured and natural look, curl the hair into uneven sections and dual directions, towards and away from the face. Curl the sections of the top layer properly one at a time.

Step 7: Do the finishing touches. Gently pull the curls apart after curling the entire hair. Touch up any curls that does not satisfy you, and then tease the hair roots. Backcomb the roots at the crown area to add volume. Finally, spritz the entire hair to hold the hairstyle in place. Also See:

  1. Easy-to-Follow Fake Short Hairstyle Tutorial

Do you want to know a cool way to wear a short hair without ever touching your long hair with a scissor? Just follow this step-by-step tutorial without even thinking of expensive products and instruments to use.

Step 1: Divide your long hair into thin strands. Spray them with fixative and dry. Then, wrap the hair with a large curling iron.

Step 2: Using a fine tooth comb, shred small sections with the tips toward the root. Creating a light volume is necessary.

Step 3: Divide and separate the hair into small sections again and wrap the hair ends up to just neck height. Secure the sections using a staple of the same color as that of the hair.

Step 4: Do the final touches. Use camouflaged staples to fix unwanted looseness and asymmetry of the hairstyle. Finally, finish with a hairspray to hold the hairstyle in place.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – FEBRUARY 26: Singer Miley Cyrus attends the 20th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party at The City of West Hollywood Park on February 26, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/WireImage)

2 Most Trendy Short Layered Haircuts for the Year

Whenever a consensus of hair experts predict a hairstyle to soar in popularity in the next period of time, consider the hairstyle as a hot commodity ready to explode. These 2 hairstyles are raring to invade social media with trending Instagram photos this year.

  • Curly Brown Pixie with Blonde Tips

Although the brown hair and blond tips combination has already been tried with long hair, it is unfair to judge its success with short and curly to a level that could not exceed the former. The truth is that the latter is a gorgeously amazing hairstyle with unique sun-kissed effect from the luscious brown and blonde color combination. With locks cut longer in front and shorter at the back, and loose wavy hair running down from top to bottom, the arrangement seems to connive into an amazing relaxed look.

  • Ombre Choppy Bob with Light Brown Color

The color and cut of this hairstyle set it apart even among other striking short curly layered hairstyles, even if the waviness is already impressive. The Ombre with dark and light brown gradation is more impressive than the cut and texture. The layers at the back and middle portion help to keep the tresses from covering your face.

2 Celebrities with Great Fondness for Short Layered Haircuts

Jennifer Lawrence and Kelly Osbourne are successful celebrities but never forget their responsibility of looking good and presentable to their fans. After careful examination and evaluation with their image consultants and hairstylists, they both concluded that wearing short layered haircuts brings them to their elements and helps them confidently connect to their fans with natural ease.

  1. Jennifer Lawrence

This highest paid actress in 2015 and 2016 was born Jennifer Shrader Lawrence on August 15, 1990 but nobody at the time expected her to grow out to be an accomplished actress with her film grossing over $5.5 billion worldwide. She was even named one of Time’s 100 most influential people in the world in 2013 and Forbes Celebrity 100 in 2014 and 2016. Before she entered big-time acting, she merely performed in church plays and school musicals that honed her craft. Her first main role was in 2007 when she was casted in The Bill Engyail Show (2007-2009). Her film debut happened in 2008 with Garden Party. Her success became almost relentless crediting her as the highest grossing heroine of all time. She garnered an Academy award for best actress in the film Silver Linings Playbook (2012) and BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for the film American Hustle (2013) that also earned for her the Golden Globe Awards. Her other Golden Globe award included the role for the film Joy.

LOS ANGELES, CA – NOVEMBER 18: Actress Jennifer Lawrence attends the premiere of Lionsgate’s ‘The Hunger Games: Cathching Fire’ at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on November 18, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Her active lifestyle also includes other endeavors like social advocacy. She passionately promotes feminism and gender equality and founded her own charitable organization, Jennifer Lawrence Foundation. She keeps on with her career and side activities always looking presentable to a point of being sassy, with her chic and classy hairstyle. She rarely settles for straight long hair, and instead, parade with her signature asymmetrical shaggy bob hairstyle. The cut gives volume and dimension to her hair while the messy waves exude natural sexiness.

  1. Kelly Osbourne

Kelly is a British singer-songwriter, actress, television presenter and fashion designer all rolled up into one. As a member of the Osbourne celebrity family, it was inevitable that she soon could make it big in the entertainment business. She first made minor ripples in the 2002 Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Reality Program, the Osbournes, where she and her family appeared in. Her other noteworthy projects included Fashion Police, where she was a presenter, Dancing with the Stars, a reality dancing show competition where she won third place with Louis van Amstel, as a voice talent in The 7D, a Disney animated series and as judge in Australia’s Got Talent and Project Runaway Junior.

Kelly is naturally beautiful but humbly insists that her hairstyle has a big part to her appeal. Her short hair cut is not complete without the chic waves that give bounce and serious volume to her hair. The rocker-chic look with side parting, flips and shiny hair fits well with her blonde hair. In a way, she owned the hairstyle just like the way she owned the stages where she performed convincingly.


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