10 Ways of Extending Your Phone’s Battery Life


Nothing beats the feeling of your phone’s battery suddenly coming to an end. With technology having evolved so much, phones are no longer as simple as they used to be a decade ago. They come with more features and functionality. Even as the features increase, the battery still has some evolving to do.

There is a need for your battery to last longer. However, the lifespan is shortened by the numerous apps and the need to charge often especially when it gives a ‘battery low’ warning. The worry of having to take out a loan like these may not be something you’re ready to do so in the meantime you can work on incorporating the tips below to start saving battery power and prolong getting a new phone.

  1. Turn off your phone when going to sleep and in no-network areas

If you know you never answer calls at night when you sleep, instead of keeping the phone on, switch it off. This saves a lot of power.

Also, in places such as the subway which has no reception ensures your battery charge is intact. In such areas, the phone keeps continually looking for service which derails the power.  A great signal helps make the phone battery last longer as compared to one with no reception.

You can turn off your phone on your flight or just turn on airplane mode.

  1. Switching off background data

Apps run in the background. They tend to add an extra load to the phone’s working memory. It is simple, the harder your phone memory has to work the more battery charge they use which ends up working against you.

Some may not even be useful while others are not compatible with your phone type and keep bringing errors. Do away with apps you don’t need.

As much as Android phones will suspend apps that are not critical when they are not running, most apps will use resources to check for updates on the background.

Check your settings and switch off any app background data.

  1. Disable Bluetooth and other power-hungry applications

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are significant contributors to your phone’s charge not lasting. When you are in an area with no internet connection, or you just don’t need it, switch it off. Also, disable Bluetooth.

Turning off your GPS also keeps your phone alive for longer. Only turn it on when it’s necessary.

  1. Don’t let the phone battery become empty

Unlike common myths where people assume that they have to wait for their battery to become empty so they can charge, that should not be the case.

Phone batteries are lithium-based, and they are designed in a way they should be charged early. Leaving them until they are empty could damage them which could make you end up buying a new battery.

Frequent charging will helps prolong your phone’s battery life.

  1. Vibration on/off

A common misused phone feature is vibration. Use your preferred ringtone on calls, messages, and emails to add the battery life. Even on the phone keys, set them in a way that they don’t vibrate when typing.

  1. Don’t use unnecessary apps on the phone

Sometimes, you may not have carried a power bank because you never thought you’d need it. However, your errands just became more, and your phone was getting low on charge. The best thing is only to use the basic features which you absolutely need. If you don’t need the phone’s camera flash, don’t use it.  Your phone’s flash drains the charge heavily.

  1. Keep your internet settings low

Instead of using the 4G network, use either 3G or 2G. The 4G network tends to drain the phone quite fast. If there is a weak signal of 4G, switch. Most times, when the 4G is on, both 3G and 4G radios are usually on which ends up using so much more power.

  1. Screen brightness

How bright your phone contributes to either saving power or not. Reduce the brightness as much as possible to a point where you are comfortable using the phone.

At night when you are in a dark room, it’s even easier to reduce the brightness with a considerable margin.

  1. Consider changing the phone background to a black one

As dull as it sounds, having a black background on your phone actually allows your phone to operate with the battery drawing less current.

There are various black background options in the app store to choose from.

After activating it, you will gain extra battery life. The larger the screen, the higher the resolution as well as you get to enjoy extra battery life.

  1. Purchase a power bank

Even with the above measures to help extend your battery life, investing in a power bank could save you from sudden empty batteries when going for an important meeting.

With this, you can comfortably recharge your phone as they are portable as well. Some of these devices are efficient such that you can charge your phone several times before you can charge the power bank itself.

Saving your battery life is about the habits you form. Cut down on your phone usage and adhere to the above tips and you can be less worried about your phone going off when on vacation or meeting a business associate.


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