10 Thing To Do When You Are still Young!


Youth is a period filled with energy bursts and spontaneity. When you are a youth, it is very easy to procrastinate and tell yourself anything that keeps you happy. People often say “I am still young. I still have time to go to school, travel, fall in love, and do other things.” We easily forget that time passes faster than we think.

Things to Do When You Are Still Young

Here are some very important things you should start doing today before old age comes knocking: 

  • Continue to study:

The brain of a young person is still very receptive to knowledge. As a young person, keep broadening your knowledge. Study your school books as well as other books that do not necessarily relate to your school work.

There is so much knowledge out there in books and on the internet. You could learn more about geography, history, philosophy, medicine, and so much more from studying. Allocate some time everyday to studying and you will reap its benefits as you grow older. 

  • Do not limit your investment to just material things:

There a lot of things to invest on apart from clothes, bikes, game sets, bags, and make up sets. You should invest more in memories, experiences, and emotions. These things have more benefits that you and generations after you will enjoy many years after. 

  • Have fun:

Whatever you do as a young person, make sure you have fun while doing it. Life is full of ups and downs so there is no point having a sad and uninteresting life. Do not take life too seriously or you will end up growing into a boring, angry, and serious person.

There are a lot of fun things you can do without breaking the law. You could go to the movies with friends, volunteer in support groups, hang out with friends, or go on dates and single parties. Joining a sport team can also be lots of fun, just as well as joining an arts club. 

  • Help people:

There are many people out there who need help in one way or the other. Inasmuch as everyone needs some form of help including yourself, you should try helping others when you can. It does not necessarily cost much to show a little kindness to someone who needs it.

You can start by donating some food to the poor family in your neighborhood or a local animal shelter. It does not also have to be monetary. You can help a random old lady carry her luggage, or pick up the widower’s laundry after school.

A little kindness will not hurt anybody. 

  • Quit bad habits:

How you choose to live your youthful years can either make you or mar you for life. The sooner you quit that bad habit, the better for you. Bad habits like procrastinating, rebelling, fighting, smoking, laziness, and a whole lot of others can be stopped.

All you have to do is be determined to quit one bad habit after another. This can be done gradually until you grow to a point where those habits do not define who you are. 

  • Seize opportunities:

There are so many opportunities that come up while growing up. Try as much as possible not to miss any opportunity that comes your way as a young person. If you miss some opportunities, you may never get them back again.

In fact, you may regret opportunities you missed later in life. Hence, it is important to leave no regrets by seizing opportunities that come your way while growing up. 

  • Start a business:

There are many business ideas flying around the minds of many people. Be brave enough to start one or two. You should not be afraid of trying and failing as you really are exploring your potentials.

Sometimes, you gain experience by trial and error. If you get a wise teacher, you may have less mistakes. Very successful people are often seen as the heroes and heroines of their story, instead of victims of their circumstances. 

  • Take big risks:

Once in a while, step out of your comfort zone and take a big risk. It is alright if you fail as people will excuse it as being part of your youthful attempts. You can take leaps of faith as a young person so you can reflect on them when you are older.

Even if you take these risks and fail woefully, take comfort in knowing that, at least, you tried. 

  • Travel as much as possible:

It becomes harder to travel as you get older, especially when you have people who depend on your availability. It is often better to spend money on traveling than on clothes or shoes. There are a lot of things you could learn when you discover the world you live in.

It could be short trips to neighboring cities or foreign countries. You can do this monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Choose a different place each time since there are a lot of places to visit.

Plan for each visit by checking for information online or asking questions. Save up and meet new people from other parts of the world before responsibilities tie you down.

  • Workout:

This is one of the most highly recommended things you should do before getting to 40 and even afterwards. Walking around with low stamina and big belly as a young person is so horrible. If you are like this at 20, it is easy to imagine how you will be in the future.

The sooner you stop lying on the couch all day eating popcorn, the better your chances of avoiding this fate. You do not get to look hot and fit at 60 without working out when you are still young. Go jogging daily, hit the gym regularly, exercise daily! Do not be too lazy to take care of yourself.


Time seems to go slowly when you are a youth – just before the responsibilities and obligations become too much. In fact, life for youths seems eternal, as there is a lot of freedom, flexibility, mobility, and fun.


You can use the assets that young age gives you to enjoy a more fulfilling life. Youth, they say, is wasted on the young. Try not to waste yours!


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